Answer Friday! (Part 2)

More questions on whether Lane Kiffin will relinquish playcalling after the season:

Q: Charles Bucket
wolfman, the reason the Cadre were able to so accurately predict the trOXan implosion this season was because we recognized that the team’s most significant weakness, the Pious Passer, was erroneously viewed as the team’s major asset.

we recognized that his lack of leadership, inability to handle pressure and inability to lead a comeback was a ticking time bomb of failure despite these defects being partially obscured by the fact he was surrounded by NFL talent.

so based on expectations vs actual achievement, i.e. Heisman frontrunner status and the team’s #1 ranking based on his perceived abilities, do you agree with the Cadre’s opinion that the Pious Passer was the most over-rated player in recent NCAA history???
A: It is a lot to say someone is the most overrated player in NCAA history. He clearly had a disappointing season but I don’t think we can say most overrated in history.
Q: Vito
Is it possible for Haden to send Kiff to a leadership class? He has absolutely no presence on the sidelines. All football teams are a reflection of their coach. From what I see the players are not intimidated or respect Lane, I see a lack of passion from him and it reflects on his team during the game. I mean even his press interviews suck. I get more fired up listening to my sunday mass sermon. USC deserves a coach not a coordinator impersonating a coach. Do you think Lane will ever be a coach that will inspire his players? Maybe we can all send him a book to read. Here’s my recommendation for Kiff “What It Takes to Be #1 : Vince Lombardi on Leadership”
A: I think the only way it happens is for USC to hire an offensive coordinator, which would allow Kiffin to coach the entire team on the sidelines. Since Day 1, I have written on this blog my biggest concern was whether he could inspire players in times of adversity.
I would say this season is an example that he is not doing it.

Q: trojan92
With Cal firing Tedford and his long history with Kiffin, do you think he’d be a viable OC candidate that could take over play calling duties?
A: I do unless Tedford wants to become an NFL assistant. He and Kiffin have a good relationship and I believe Kiffin trusts him. The only issue is whether Kiffin is really ready to make the leap of faith and relinquish play-calling duties.
My opinion is he really does not want to give up playcalling and will only do so if forced by Pat Haden to give it up.

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  • Hardtail Bruin

    What makes you believe that Tedford wants to be anything other than a head coach at the college level? NFL assistant maybe, but college assistant? No way.