Kiffin v. Kelly

Who will win the coaching battle tomorrow night? Lane Kiffin or Brian Kelly?

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  • ThaiMex

    This one is too obvious….Good v Bad, Smart v Dumb, Catholics v Lying Cheaters…..

    • ThaiMex

      oh yea…forgot one….
      #1 in the preseason (currently not ranked) v # 1 at the end of the season
      fit on torgan

      • sugar sweeeet call Thai!!! from Penthouse to Outhouse!!!!

        and the BanHammer has not even kicked in yet!!!

        oh, this season is so good, and i feel SO ALIVE!!!!!!

        and tingly

        • TrojanFan

          What bucket is really saying:

          sugar sweeeet call Lover!!!((talking to myself AGAIN) from Penthouse to treehouse!!!!

          and the climax(cum shot) has not even kicked in yet!!!

          oh, this cock feels so good, and i feel SO ALIVE!!!!!!

          and tingly

      • Me too. 13 National Championships in Football v 1/2

    • Manhattan Beach v San Bernardino, Chevy v Merceds, own v rent, white collar v blue collar, college grad v GED Oh, wait, it not me v Mexie

  • cmart68

    Are you guys really so lame that you hang around usc related sites waiting to post something negative?! I have never been to some other schools related site, let alone posted! Get a life! Don’t you have jobs, family, small animals to torture, anything?

    My hope Is the Trojans wIn, despIte our crappy coach, wolf gets fIred, and we see the qb of the future emerge?

    • How true. (see below, non college graduate comments)

  • Who will win the writer’s battle on Sunday? Gary Klein or Scott Wolff?

  • Since neither one is that good, it’s a toss up

    • Are you talking about SW or LK?

      • Wolf’s funny cuz he gets under people skin, you guys take him way to seriously. Lame is well, Lame