Pick The Score

Time to pick a winner for the USC-Notre Dame game. If you pick the exact score correctly, you win a copy of EA Sports’ NCAA ’13 college football game (PS3 version). Valid email required with score.

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  • socal2582

    USC 38-Notre Lame 23 honey boo boo who?? Wittek 23-34 320yds 4 TDs Fight on!!!!!

  • akbiv

    USC 27 ND 24

  • sc 4 sc

    USC 30, ND 28
    Marquise Lee with 250 yds receiving plus a kick return for a TD

  • TroyFan52

    SC 27-22……Trojan defense makes a huge stop at the end for once. Max manages the offense and the runnimg game is the difference……

  • USC 27
    ND 20

  • lifetime Bruin Fan

    Notre Dame 38
    USC 31

  • as you Dummies know, Chucker-Bucker not only predicted the UCLA win last week, i also missed the score by ONE POINT!!! (38-27). i also predicted the four losses, the meltdown of Honey Boo Boo and the Bruins re-peat as PAC 12 South Champeeeeens!!!
    Damn I’m Good.
    Rudys 31
    Southern Cal 17
    Rudys control both lines of scrmmage.

  • david kato

    usc 21
    nd 17


  • oregon111

    usc 38
    nd 24

    I have more faith in usc winning than I do with ucla winning, but I hope they both win

  • oneohsixseven

    ND : 21
    USC : 32

    Fight On!

  • USC: 38

    ND: 17

  • Ant

    USC 34
    ND 24
    If you believe it or not.. Special Teams plays a huge role for USC..

  • coolbeanfive

    ND 27
    USC 17

  • Josefina

    USC 24
    ND 21

  • jim lewis

    USC 21-20

  • Jim Munson

    U S C. 31
    notre dame. 17

  • NYC-Bruin

    ND 20
    USC 14

  • USC 33, ND 27

    TJ McDonald will make a critical play reminiscent of his Dad’s fumble return against Baylor. Max Wittek will impress.

    Meanwhile, Stanford and UCLA will play to a 0-0 tie thru 4 OTs, as UCLA refuses to beat them and have to play Oregon, and Stanford doesn’t want to put anything on tape for Friday. Stanford will win when its kicker accidentally shanks a field goal attempt, and it squeeks between the uprights. Bruin Rob will throw ashes all over the bathroom of the local 76 station in celebration as he listens on his portable AM radio.


    Troy 40

    domers 17