Kiffin To Upset Fans

`I’d be disappointed too. I hear them. I feel them. Regardless of scholarship reductions. We’ve got to do better.”

— USC coach Lane Kiffin

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  • translation: STFU you losers!!

  • Edward Marlowe

    Translation-I’m a lousy freaking coach but don’t worry spineless Pat Haden will allow Dad to keep coaching the “‘defense” while I learn on the job until my training wheels are longer needed.

    • Haden was at the opera with some student athletes.

  • TXtrojan

    Dude is an excuse monger…. When apologizing, he HAD to mention the scholly reductions. JUST ACCEPT FAILURE LANEY – BECAUSE YOUR TRACK RECORD AT OAK / TENN / SC IS INDICATIVE OF IT!!!!

  • QueenKiff

    Haha, Kiff trojan-horses in an excuse about the scholly reductions. What a loser who’ll never accept this failure of a season on his shoulders.

  • Independent_George

    No you don’t Kiffie, because if you really did feel the upset fans, you’d fell the hate of one billion burning mattresses directed at you and Daddy, and you’d slip out of town under the cover of darkness to save your own skin.

  • Surprised with Lane. Feels like every comment he’s making he’s making excuses and fighting for his job. On a pre game comment he says, “judge is based on the last 3 years. Not the last month”. Something like that

  • Golden Trojan

    Lane, your dad needs to retire, you rose up through the ranks way too fast. You need to step back and reset. Get a job under a great head coach and learn how to lead. You are in over your head. USC is not an on the job training job. Ohio St and Penn St got the job done, you didn’t. Please resign.