(Zis is a chokink zound!!)

    • Talking about the bRuins? Hahaha

  • I surrender. Fire Kiffin.

  • Wow!! und Zis Mati dint come to Souzern Cal becuase zhey didnt vant to give his ‘lil buddy Toma a schollie???

    AH! AH! AH!!

  • Ken

    Kiffin you are retard, you throw ball to 31 again, we saw several times he doesnt know how to catch ball

  • right AGAIN wolfman!!!!


    letting the RUDYS into the National Champeeenship game???

    what a CRUSHING LOSS!!!!

    How do the trOXans recover??? oh right, they cant!!!

  • c’mon, wolfman, lets DISCUSS THE GAME!!!!!!

  • TrojanWildcat

    Lane Kiffin proves again he is a train wreck wherever he coaches.