Thank God It’s Over

Another loss. Another uninspired performance. Clueless coaching. What else? You fill in the blanks.

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  • Nemesis

    I think some people are going to question the play calling on the last series at the goal line. In particular, that fourth down call…eerily similar to a play call at UCLA…which also failed.

  • take a knee, wolfman, the CADRE will take it from here!!!

    remember back in August we promised we’d be here to SCATTER THE PIECES!!!!

    • TrojanFan

      bucket has a cock stuck it each ear after the ass whipping the ruins took at home, but yet he still finds a way to troll the USC blog…what a piece of shit…lol

      PS….the new dresses the ruin girls had on today, for the big let down game, were ugly at best

    • TrojanFan

      Telling someone to take a knee, when yours are full of scabs….go troll a ruin site…..

  • HAWR-HAWR!!!!

    why does genius Kiff keep thowing to that fat fullback who has two frying pans for hands????

    • He’s a Thai Mexican fullback. Fat and dumb

      • fearless

        What does his race have to do with him not catching a ball?

  • BruinBulldog

    The Kraft Fighting Hunger Bowl will be a good opportunity for the Trojans. The invaluable experience that they will gain will help them to fight hunger long after college is over when they face the real world with their worthless degrees. #monopolyisover

    • Your deal ain’t over yet. Ls Vegas?

      • Huh, worse case scenario UCLA will end up at the Alamo Bowl, while your best case scenario is the same Bowl you idiot SUC fans made fun of UCLA playing in last year, the Mac & Cheese Bowl. Touche!!!

  • Ken

    Fire lane hackett now,he just know how to lose. Stonehead , not smart enough for trojan coach

  • socal2582

    I have to take a lane and wipe my kiffin

  • For once you are right.

  • realtrojan


  • socal2582

    We should have won this game hands down lane either needs as an o coordinator or Hayden needs to bring in a new coach

  • calkidd32

    Calling a timeout before the td pass by wittek (and we had to settle for a fg instead)….running against nd at the end and forcing sc to take their 2nd timeout….going for it on 4th down when a field goal would at least have made it a one-possession game. Good god. Those are just the coaching mistakes in the last 3 minutes.

    Lane has got to go. Period.

    • sc 4 sc

      Kicking a field goal on the last drive would have helped SC cover the spread, right? Somebody needs to ask serious questions about Slow Lane’s motives.

      • TrojanFan

        You fuckin idiot, the spread only matters if you have the action on the game , which you didn’t

        • sc 4 sc

          I can tell you’re not an alum. Can’t read past the first sentence. Try using that spell check thingy too…

          • TrojanFan

            What seems to be the problem?

            I’m not sure which was more lame, your original post or the response…..just saying

    • QueenKiff

      On Sportscenter they are laughing at Kiff calling a TO before the nullified TD. Even they are laughing! Yes, SC football is now a laughing stock thanks to and starting with the Queen and the scepter that is rammed up his butt.

  • I know Haden says he has thick skin, but he is going to have thin pockets unless he gets rid of MK and Son now!!! Those wealthy donors A) will not give for the building of the New Heritage Hall and B) would have no problem paying LK’s and MK’s buyouts. Do it now; have Ed O coach the team in whatever bowl they go to, and start the process of finding a new guy NOW.

  • ND is not a #1 team, major changes need to be made, and kiffin needs to reevaluate himself as a coach. Any could have managed that game better than he did. One more year and thats all he has. Frankly, if possible, if this guy was a friendly guy, bring in Rex Ryan for dc or Bohl from NDSU. Player of the year goes to silas redd, without him, it could be much worse. Not player of year of the year goes to the whole defense. Pretty much everyone back next year, so expectations will be high yet again. #FTFO


    How can Kiffin not be fired? Good recruiter, but otherwise he defines amateur hour in every respect. He is an embarrassment. Enjoy the Raisin Bowl.

  • If anyone is watching LK’s interview on ABC right now, all you can hear in the background is Notre Dame celebrating. Oh, that and Lane talking about Stats and how “if it was not for those pass interference calls, the stats would have been better.” WOW!!!

  • Trojan Wildcat

    How many head coaches would have a 7-5 record with a team with this talent? Unbelievable really!

    • realtrojan

      You know the reason for that, don’t you? It’s because we’ve got an unbelievably bad coach in Kiffin.

    • datrout


  • QueenKiff

    If Lane had the competency to even pull off a 9 win season which isn’t anything to ask considering the talent, we wouldn’t be in this pity position of having to fire the azzhole and the azzhole’s Dad. At this point, it’s load up on solid recruits, let the sanctions finish, and fire Kiff.

  • notmoses

    One word about those final four plays (immediately after two =brilliant= calls to get those two P-I penalties): Vegas.

  • BearBryant3

    Fire Lane Kiffin!!! Awful wasted three minutes at end of game at goaline and still didn’t get a td.

  • oregon111

    poor play calling at goal line, but players played hard and represented the pac12 well

    I can’t make myself root for either ND or SEC

    • TrojanFan

      Dude, what happened to the best team in college football…lol

      go troll a duck site

      • oregon111

        the best team in college football.(as we were told back in August)…
        just went 7-5, losing 4 of their last 5

        all we need is a new kicker, you all need a new coach, a new waterboy to pump up balls, a new QB, a new defensive scheme, etc. etc. etc.

        by the way, Stanford is the best team in football right now

        • TrojanFan

          quack quack quack…lol

      • ThaiMex

        You must be talkin ’bout da torgans…# 1 ranked in the pre season baby!!!! SUCks football ….over rated and under inflated…You guy’s just keep on a spittin and a gropin!
        fit on torgan!

  • BearBryant3

    Plus 5 D-lineman inside TE Down block those guys keep Fullback in and have him kick that guy out. USC has just a much talent as norte dame if not more, but bad HEAD COACHING is what has killed them

  • BearBryant3

    I don’t know if your having problems at corner then you should probably never go into a nickel defense and definitely not a dime defense. Keep Bailey in he like a DB anyways and is one of your best defensive players.

    • datrout

      TAMPA 2…TAMPA 2….

  • datrout

    OMG! Really? Kiffen is the worst college football coach in America. The entire staff has to go, If Hayden had a set of balls to call his own he would fire Kiffen tonight! Last year was a fluke and the program is going in REVERSE. Not simply that the defensive scheme is a laughing stock (literally), and that the offense looks like its being run by an egotistical punk who doesn’t know much about football, the stupid gaffs that Kiffen has committed, which have done nothing but bring embarrassment to the Universty, are going to contine. Five (5) star recruits won’t matter a hoot when you have a RETARD as a head coach.

    June Jones- SMU
    John Gruden- TV
    Chris Peterson-Boise State
    Jack Del Rio- Denver Broncos DC

    Kiffen served his purpose and was the result of a badjoke played upon the university by Mike Garrett before he departed. It’s time to put this behind and move forward.
    Does anyone believe that the USC football program is on equal footing with Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, Florida? They have good coaches.

    • sc 4 sc

      They all get more from their players than others predicted. Slow Lane gets less!

      • ProbationU

        Don’t forget that Neuheisel is now available. He is an SC law grad that knows how to beat the Bruins.

    • BEATND

      Datrout…slow yo roll bro on Mike Garrett. He was under intense pressure to hire a HC because of the sudden departure of Petey. When he could not get the coach he wanted, his plan was to pull together as much of the PC staff as possible. Remember when Chow and Ogeron left, Troy begin a downward slide on both sides of the ball (2006-2009). MG hired Lame and directed him to hire Norm Chow as OC. This didn’t materialize because MG was fired. Pat Haden did not follow up, has not followed up, continues to kiss up and follow, intensely, the progress of the women’s Badminton team and former USC international athletes..

  • ahhhh, somebody punch me! i mean PINCH me!!! i must be dreaming!!!!!

    the Bruins are Pac 12 South CHAMPEENS!!!!!

    and the trOXANS are barely bowl eligible!!! letting the RUDYS into the CHampeenship game!!! the ultimate CHOKE and emasculating loss imaginable!!!

    the RISE and CONQUEST of the CADRE is now complete!!!!!

    • steveg49

      Hey could your cadre do something about all that crime at #1 Crime U?

      • #1 crime U? lmao, I haven’t heard of any UCLA students being shot to death near the campus…and I also have not heard of shootings inside the campus as it happened a month ago at USC. The study is completely erroneous, the study included crime rates within 10 miles of the campus I believe, not the actual campus. FURTHERMORE, the study only included PUBLIC universities not private, so don’t get too excited there, Steven. haha

  • BearBryant3

    gus malzahn please

  • Nile Kinnick

    Why bring LK back!?? Incredulous….

  • fill in the blanks??? wolfman, that’s what i’ve been doing since August!!!

    bottom line, the trOXans simply lack guts.

    always the best talent, but for the Seventh time in ten years, they BLOW the chance at a Champeenship!!! simple, no guts….

    even their fans have no guts, right Paralegal, Jezro, Webb, TC, lbc, Mono etc etc etc????

    • TrojanFan

      For the 15th year in a row, the ruins will not be playing in a BCS game and drop out of the polls, but yet, bucket feels so alive

    • oregon111

      did you know that you just got your ass kicked today by Stanford?

      • as you did, ass-face….only difference is we have another chance to beat them when it counts….you quacks laid an egg when you had the chance. next to the trOXans, you Ducks are the biggest chokers in the NCAA!!!


        • You’ll lay another egg. Las Vegas anyone? Hahaha

        • oregon111

          I hope you beat them this time, for the record

          we only lost because we don’t have a field goal kicker

  • TrojanFan

    Changes need to be make, and the first is to fire the wolfman…..enough is enough

    • shut up your mouth, imbecile! the wolfman is a giant, you are a gnat!!

      Kiff shouldn’ve never messed with the wolfman!!!

      • TrojanFan

        Talking to yourself AGAIN, and you’re calling me an idiot

        Climb back up the tree and take your medicine

    • ThaiMex

      Idiot….Yup…that will fix the football team problems….Your daddy (joe blow) did raise a dummy!

      • Fat & dumb. Typical. Thai Mexican

  • Edward Marlowe

    USC alums from Washington State will be sending Max Nikias a long letter demanding the firing of Pat Haden and the motherfucking Kiffins

  • Mike Savidan

    What major college football program would hire Kiffin if he were available tomorrow?! Answer = NOBODY! So why is Haden settling for keeping him around another year? Time to cut ties and move on. Ed O can coach our team in a bowl game if need be.

  • I’m gonna look at the bright side of this game. Twitter is in love with Marqise Lee, even if it can’t spell his name right. Lee had a true sportsman’s moment, wishing the Irish best of luck in the NC game. And he wants Woods to come back next year. What an amazing young man.

  • JacksonPearson

    Forget about NCAA scholarship sanctions. If Lane Kiffin couldn’t win with this amount of talent, than he won’t be able win with mediocre personnel either. Plus, USC’s D needs to go back to tackling basics 101.

  • at this point i just hope we keep our recruits.. . .

  • dtksr1

    Two things: #1-Lane Kiffin has got to go! This season has everything to do with the coaching and little if nothing about the talent. Make Max Nikias feel the heat on disenchantment of this employee. Haden doesn’t hire & fire… ignore him. Bring it on Nikias’ back! You better believe I am writing letters.

    #2-Former coach & good guy Todd McNair needs to cash in on the NCAA lawsuit (judge says NCAA was malicious) for every penny he can get and make those bastards feel it all the way to the bank!

    • Golden Trojan

      The NCAA kangaroo court needs to be taken down. It’s ridiculous in this day and age that people with obvious conflicts of interest cast judgement on others.