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Hans Gutknecht/Daily News

Here’s my game story on Saturday’s latest setback.

In case anyone needed a reminder, the futility of USC’s season offered itself on display one more embarrassing time when it was televised to 100 percent of the nation Saturday night.

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  • SCForlife

    Was Pat Haden really at a show with student athletes? Has that been confirmed?

  • TroyFan52

    6-1 turns into 7-5. Wow. Monte needs to step up and resign. Thats a start. Overhaul this defense. Will Lane make what a lot of people think are necessary changes or is he too stubborn?? Good effort by Max but you cant waste clock like that inside the five at the end of the game….Welcome to the Sun Bowl!!!!! Nothin’ better than New Years Eve in El Paso!!!!!!!!

  • BearBryant3

    Fire Lane Kiffin, if not next year will only get worse. Someone who won’t use the scholorship reduction as a excuse. Example bill bradley didn’t use it as a excuse, but then again he earned his shot at being a head coach.

  • Edward Marlowe

    Other than walking around campus looking like the poster boy for NAMBLA, Pat Haden should be gone

  • dtksr1

    Haden has the gall to stand in front of anyone/everyone and say with a straight face Kiffin deserves another year of running this program. Is he believing he can be like Dan Guerrero and ignore the supporters & the football program?