The Rumor Mill

We hear former Cal coach Jeff Tedford and defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast did not enjoy a close relationship, which means Tedford might not recommend him to Lane Kiffin as the Trojans’ next defensive coordinator.

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  • gotroy22

    Why in the world would we want this clown after his defense gave up 62 points to Oregon State and 49 to Utah? Changing the DC won’t help. The team has given up on the head coach. Fire Kiffin!

    • 22, face reality, Kiff isn’t going anywhere. We need to get rid of Monty and tell Kiff he can either be the HC or OC….take your pick. Even Eddie O may not be a good DC. BUT, something must change.

      • Troy

        My exact thoughts. I just wonder what SW is trying to say here. Are we to speculate that Tedford will be the OC?

      • QueenKiff

        I think this is the best we can do going into the next season. KittyKiffs isn’t going anywhere, not as long as the scholly reductions keep better candidates away. I’d like to get rid of Ed O as well. He has a history with the NCAA, and worse, has anyone actually watched him on th sideline? He clowns around like he’s on vacation, as if he’s so glad his serious days (failed Ole Miss years) are over and now he gets to be with his beach bros in So Cal.

      • gotroy22

        I don’t understand why we are acting like fucla and accepting mediocrity. 5 losses is a great season at Westwood High but is unacceptable at USC. Yet we are going to keep the guy who bumbled away 3 minutes on the half yeard line late in the 4th quarter when we could have rallied and beat the Irish? Auburn has the right idea- if you don’t produce you are gone. Look at Ohio State, they went 12-0 while on probation. Is all about locating and signing the best coach. Kiffin ain’t it.

        • Just find a coach that loves to cheat, and you guys should be back on top in no time. It also means you need to bring the SCumbag Mike Garrett that condones all actions by the coaching staff in order to bring victories to USC, and lets the players run around doing whatever they want with no repercussions.

    • dtksr1

      Pendegast knows how to defend spread offenses and particularly Oregon’s offense if you saw the last 2- CAL-Oregon games. He didn’t have SEC type linemen to work with, but if he has better talent to work with, maybe there is a reason to look at him.

      • gotroy22

        I respect your opinions dtksr but let’s face it Cal under Pendergast gave up 59 to the spread offense of Oregon. I’d be up for getting Stanford’s DC who shut the Quacks down.

    • I agree with the Fire Kiffin’s statement. But as stated the reality is that he isn’t going anywhere and already has started losing some of his vaulted defenders from his incoming recruiting class because they like us were trying to figure out what Kiffin was doing. To top it off he needs defense and offensive line help why would he with all the receivers on the roster recruit three more WR’s. Hope Woods goes pro because if he returns Kiffin will ruin him.

      • gotroy22

        It’s like when Pete had 9 running backs…they fall in love with recruiting rankings instead of meeting need with less glamorous OL/DL. Only this time it’s even worse because of the probation limitations on scholies.

  • Edward Marlowe

    Are you kidding me? Clancy Pendergast is another rah rah knucklehead DC ,like Nick Holt -who UW’S Sark had to fire after 3 seasons because his defense couldn’t stop anything.Much like Monte Kiffin always seems to have excuses after losses and eager to throw his players under the bus .

  • calkidd32

    What are the chances we cod lure Kirby smart from Alabama? He makes about 950k. We could bump that up to 1.1 or 1.2 and it would completely revitalize our Defense. Monte already makes 1 million so it’s not like it’s be breaking the bank.

    • QueenKiff

      Ole Monte makes 1.5 mil/yr. All that to give 400 yds/game and a defense thats ranks 62nd in yds allowed.

      • Edward Marlowe

        Actually Monte Kiffin makes 1.2 million a year-way too much for a lousy DC

    • old_trojan_93

      Why would Kirby make a sideways move? If he’s that good, he’ll want his own head coaching gig.

  • realtrojan


  • Mike Savidan

    Any word on Sark’s status at UW after another sub-par year? Wonder if there’s any chance of him being fired and coming to SC as the OC?

    • No way. He’s also raising dough for the stadium rehab. If he did come here, LK would be the OC. BTW, UW is way better since he got there. Not the case at SC.

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Now why would any HC in his right mind step down from a great job such as UW to come be the OC for a has-been program living in the past, on its way down?

    • Edward Marlowe

      Hey Mike I’m a Trojan Alum from Washington State living here in Seattle-word is he has another year, because they just renovated Husky Stadium so they want to give Sark 1 more year to see how he does in the new digs.However after losing to WSU in the Apple cup he is definitely on the hot seat and if he struggles next year he will be gone

      • Ed, How much do you want to bet? Sark has all the attributes to recruit and kiss the donors butts. He has it all going on. Are you saying he’s doing an average or below average job? Hell, UW was horse crap before he got there. None of the former players came around. You need to get some of that medical mj to see the light. Sark is a boom for UW. PERIOD.

  • Gilligan

    I would welcome Tedford as the OC but not Coach Pendergast as DC. I think both Monte Kiffin and Coach Hazelton need to be replaced. The LBs were considered the strength of the defense they took a major step back.

    USC better move quick for a DC because some of them might be head coaches in the near future.

  • gene chizik for defensive coordinator