The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the Associated Press poll.

1.  Notre Dame
2.  Alabama
3.  Georgia
4.  Ohio State
5.  Oregon
6.  Florida
7.  Kansas State
8.  Texas A&M
9.  Stanford
10. LSU
11. South Carolina
12. Oklahoma
13. Florida State
14. Clemson
15. Nebraska
16. Kent State
17. Northern Illinois
18. Oregon State
19. UCLA
20. Texas
21. Louisville
22. Michigan
23. Utah State
24. Oklahoma State
25. Mississippi State
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  • It’s hard to hate this Notre Dame team, and especially hard to hate Manti “Punchy” Te’o. I hope they get a good shot at Alabama. As for UCLA… Why bother ranking them? They’re gonna get pummeled again Friday night on the Farm.

    • Hardtail Bruin

      Because their 9-3 with wins over Nebraska and SC (although beating SC isn’t a big deal – granted), beaten 3 ranked teams, good conference road wins, and playing for the Pac 12 Championship.

      • fearless

        Facts are facts..Well said

      • carter

        Yet the ‘ruins did not play either Washington or Oregon to get to that conference championship, but instead got OSU(a loss) and Washington State, a game they tried to lose.
        The two most glaring stats this season for the ‘ruins are the win over Nebraska, and the loss to California.
        How could anyone lose to Cal?
        But congrats on forcing the Trojans to have to make some changes much sooner than later, sort of like the 50-0 game did for the ‘ruins last year.

        • gotroy22

          Yet WSU beat Suckifian’s Huskies. The Pete Carroll coaching weed needs to be uprooted. Both Suck and Lame have to go.

    • So true. Same for below

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Looks like the little green monster is rearing its little head. UCLA lost to a top 10 team on Saturday, and only slipped a slot in the AP to #17, and kept their same spot in the Coaches’ poll at #16. Sorry Trojans, even if UCLA loses next week, we are still in the top 25. We understand how much that hurts, especially since we owned you in the Rose Bowl, AND (and this is the cherry on top) you have accomplished the breathtaking: First preseason #1 in nearly 50 YEARS to plummet (using your word, Brad) into oblivion, unranked. That’s just sad. You know a program’s hit the skids when their greatest hope is that the dominant team in their division loses. Nice goal line offense, though, against the Irish! Have fun at the Kraftwerk New Wave Bowl!

      • “Pummel” and “plummet” are not the same word. Publik skoolz.