Who Else?

Would New Mexico State coach Dewayne Walker be available for the defensive coordinator’s job? He is a former USC assistant and was the defensive coordinator for UCLA’s 13-9 victory over USC in 2006. And he is familiar with Pac-12 offenses.

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  • CentralValleySCfan

    Randy Shannon, former Miami coach and currently TCU linebackers coach

    Joe Barry, USC alum, former USC LB coach, former Detroit Lions DC, currently SD Chargers linebackers coach

    Nick Toth, Fresno State defensive coordinator

    Everett Withers, current Ohio State co-defensive coordinator, former North Carolina defensive coordinator and interim head coach

    Butch Davis, former Miami, North Carolina and Cleveland Browns head coach. Very risky with past NCAA woes.

    • USCDDS

      Randy Shannon would be a nice addition. Good coordinator and good recruiter as well.

  • EncinitasBruin

    As a Bruin, I’d hate to see Walker become SC’s DC. Yes, he is good.

  • bobby


    It’s funny you should mention DW. He is the first person I thought of. He would be perfect. The only problem is would he be available, willing to come, and would Lane Hackett have the brains to hire him.


    Let’s not give D. Walker too much credit for the 13-9 victory…the USC OC for that game was Lane Kiffin!

  • Gilligan

    Coach Walker would be a great hire but I don’t see him taking the job since Coach Kiffin will be in the hot seat. I think Coach Shannon would be a great hire but I don’t see him coming out West unless it’s a head coaching gig.

    I’ll be honest it will be hard to get a good DC because a lot them will have some good opportunities at becoming a Head coach with a large number of vacancies on the horizon.

    Coach Chizick would be an interesting choice as a DC but I am not sure if he’s a West coast type of person. Another person I would strongly consider is Coach Barry. The LBs took a major step back and the players were upset when he left the program. He has a lot of fire and I am pretty sure that he would love to turn the ship around based on his disagreements with Coach M. Kiffin.

    Another person I would strongly consider is former PSU defensive coordinator Tom Bradley. USC might be the place to restart his career and I would be very surprised if he didn’t strongly consider this opportunity.

  • JJ4SC

    Coach Barry or Walker would be great hires but I’m worried Monte will still be here next year.

    • Bluefynn

      my guess would be (note: not a flame post – this is a real observation) that Haden may have conditioned his vote of confidence on other staff changes. I thought somebody asked haden about that, and he sort of said “Lane will have to look hard at that” or something like that. I expect Monte to be gone.

  • gotroy22

    The real problem is Coach. Deer-in-the-headlights that wasted 3 minutes of game clock inside the 1 yard line when we needed two scores. He’s in Year 3 and he’s getting worse, not better.

    • Exactly – the team and coaching is getting worse.

  • Walker sucks. Froget about it.

    • maze949

      So does your “speling”. Why is EVERY bandwagoner a retard?

  • Golden Trojan

    The new DC needs to know how to stop the spread. That is the dominant offense in college football. I don’t know if Joe Barry is the guy but I’m hoping Norv Turner gets fired and then Barry will be available.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Former Miami coach Randy Shannon was looking for a DC coordinator position two years ago. This coach knows defense and his history of recruiting Florida would be a plus. We could do a lot worse with the coaching we have now. Make Orgeron the DC & Shannon the LB & DB-Safety coach. Make them co-recruiting coordinators and stay out of their way…

  • Trojanpete

    Nobody with an ounce of self-respect would work for Lane Kiffin at this point. Nobody.

  • Walker is ridiculously overrated based on one game. Look at his entire record. Look at some of the defensive train wrecks he presided over at UCLA. Get Gene Chizik.

  • realtrojan

    I wouldn’t mind having Walker as DC, but I want Kiffin out before discussing that position. Nothing will improve with Kiffin as HC.

  • grave soul

    I don’t think Walker would be a good fit for SC, nor would he take the job with ongoing sanctions and the train wreck that SC football is under Pat Haden. I’m not sure which DC would be willing to take the job, but someone will, because M. Kiffin sucks and you guys need a new DC badly.