Morning Buzz

Some popular names for defensive coordinator are ex-Auburn coach Gene Chizik, TCU assistant Randy Shannon and maybe even San Diego Chargers assistant Joe Barry.

When Lane Kiffin was at Tennessee, many SEC coaches resented Chizik because of his recruiting tactics. Would that affect a potential hiring of Chizik? Would Chizik even want to be an assistant?

Shannon is a big name but does he want to take what could be a one-and-done job with Kiffin on the hot seat next year?

And let’s remember Barry left because of clashes with Monte Kiffin. Would all be forgiven to bring Barry back?





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  • TroyFan52

    So we should assume Scott that Monte is gone? I personally will believe it when I see it…..

    • TrojanFan

      My exact same thoughts…..some changes need to be made

  • Yeah, take the dude from Miami, aren’t they already under the death penalty watch ? And Chizik is in the same boat. Why would Berry come back ?

  • bobby

    Great questions Scott. Ask your sources within the program and post your findings.

  • dtksr1

    If I had my choice of these 3-coaches, I would take Randy Shannon due to seeing his work while an assistant at Miami (not as head coach). His defensive players dominated and were always at the right place at the right time (something our defense needs to learn very badly). This man has charisma with his players, they would run thru a brick wall for him! And he is all about doing things right athletically, academically & morally.

  • CheattheSystem

    Ellis Johnson from Southern Miss!!! Will someone with pull please make this happen!!!!

  • socal2582

    We want the 4-3 under back that was atop every stat for d in division 1

    • TrojanFan


      • socal2582

        When our d was the $h!t we ran a basic 4-3 under nobody could run on us now look the Tampa 2 has us looking like matadors when a team runs a simple dive off guard

        • CheattheSystem

          We still run a 4-3…The problem is that we mainly stay in cover 2 and we haven’t had the LB and Safety play that allows us to do that. When we go Cover 3, we are exploited by the run game and when we go Cover 2, we give up the middle underneath. Dawson is getting better, but he did not play well enough. Perhaps you saw Josh Shaw getting picked on last week. I don’t think teams threw at Robey much all year, but when Wiley was ineligible, we lost a shutdown corner and struggled all year to fill the position. When Kennard went down, we lost the most dominant, maybe second most dominant, player in the conference. Sarao goes fast, but does not read yet. Bailey and Pullard are only sophomores. The D Line was mainly young guys too. The schemes are not the problem, the problem has been execution all year long. the players have to make the tackles when they make the hit, the players have to catch the ball when it hits their hands. the QB has to dump the ball off or throw it away if no one is open. We knew all summer that we had depth issues and everyone chose to ignore them, including the coaches–that’s the real problem.

  • Anybody but Kiffens

  • USConquer1

    Its all about Chizik all the way. He’ll right this MF ship and teach Monte a thing or two abou what it means to be a real DC nowadays.

  • USConquer1

    Randy Shannon is a pretty decent coach, but he would NOT be as good a fit for USC as Gene Chizik. Chizik all the way.

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    bring in Chris Petersen or Gary Patterson as head coach. or bring Chizik as defensive c