Woods On Pro Prospects

Robert Woods said there are a lot of factors that go into his decision on whether to turn pro.

“It depends (on a lot of things),” Woods said. “The first round is definitely the goal. But that would depend on things like the combine and Pro Day.”

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  • Max Wittek seems to like throwing to Woods more than Matt Barkley has this year. It would be nice to see how the offense would do next year with both Woods and Marquis Lee being utilized but if Woods can go in the first round, he probably should go pro.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    One thing will be, can he stomack another year of Kiffin? Can we stomack that?

  • Troy

    Selfishly, I want him to stay. However, I’m confident in the receivers that the team has: Lee, Agholor, Farmer (who needs to get healthy), Blackwell, Flournoy, Rogers.

    • gotroy22

      After what happened to Matt this year, I don’t begrudge any of our players leaving early for the NFL.

  • realtrojan

    Robert Woods should realize USC football will continue in mediocrity with Kiffin at the helm next year. So he’d be well advised to go to the NFL, even though his stocks may not be the highest they could be right now.

  • ThaiMex

    seems like a good kid, Mr. Unfinished business was a bad influenceAll Pac 12 Football team just released….Didn’t see “barfs” (Mr. Unfinished Business) name….1st or 2nd team. Must be a typo because it just can’t be so. Lookie what SUCks did to get “barfy” props…

-Huge EXPENSIVE BillBoard campaign thru out Southern California (watching Barfy end up on the sidelines…..PRICELESS!)

-BARF w/ small hands…was aided by GOAT Boy who decided an under inflated football is easier to throw. Cheat On lives on @ heritage HAUL!

-In spite of the “HEAVY CLASS LOAD” (1 class for Mr. No Class), Barfy couldn’t figure out how to hit open receivers, or read Routes. Watch for Mr. Unfinished Business to tie Vontaze for LOWEST WONDERLIC score in recent NFL history.

-Good thing he went to Haiti during the summer and “REBUILT THE COUNTRY” (excellent description by one of you SUCks dildo’s!). The experience will help him in his next job, filling a wheelbarrow with a shovel!
fit on torgan!

    • TrojanFan

      Why don’t you run along, you fuckin idiot. O

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      I didn’t read what you wrote, but I did want to respond to you being
      here. It’s hilarious that your team WON and yet you still come here.
      You’d think bruin trolls would be ecstatic enough getting their 2nd win
      in 14 years to not come here now that they have bragging rights for 365
      days. Most fans do the bragging at work, with friends, etc but I guess
      this is where trolls come to brag when they have no life LOL

  • USConquer1

    Dont think it twice Woods. Just go. thanks for the good times and for hangin in there during the bad times. class a kid. good luck.

  • gillyking

    Count on it. Woods is 100% gone! Thanks for that Lane!