Low Profile

We hear some interested candidates for the defensive coordinator are keeping a low profile until something is announced at USC regarding Monte Kiffin’s status. I’m sure former Cal defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast, who I already mentioned might not even be considered considering his relationship with Jeff Tedford, is following developments.

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  • CheattheSystem

    Why aren’t you writing about the NCAA and McNair case? This has the potential to be huge! If the NCAA was malicious in the McNair ruling and incorrectly/maliciously found him culpable, would that not suggest that the LOIC would then lose merit in terms of the FB program. Would USC then get the 20 scholies back?

    Let’s Go!

    • Troy

      My exact thoughts. There’s been rumblings (bear in mind these are rumors) that there was a consensus vote among SC brass to sue the NCAA and that Haden has given Kiffin the green light offer 25 schollies…pending the release of the documents. Again, these are rumors that’s being spread around. Any truth to it? Possibly and I hope so.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Getting back to the question, what does not having a “nice” relationship with Jeff Tedford have to do with anything USC? What the hell is Tedford to USC? If Clancy Pendergast knows how to defend spread offenses and he gets better athletes to work with here than the few he had at CAL, screw this Tedford thing…

  • calexrose

    can sc get somebody from the 49ers of course not kiffen has to be there buddy or his dads buddy.