Morning Buzz

USC wide receiver Robert Woods said he did not believe there were chemistry problems within the team this season.

It was not frustrating at all,” Woods said. “I haven’t seen that at all with this team. I don’t think chemistry was a problem.” Full story here

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  • kid’s got class. unlike Kiff or Honey Boo Boo.

    wolfman, keep those sweeet scooops coming!!

    thank goodness you have been able to hold it together while all the other trOXans fall apart in sections!!

    i TOLD you Dummies this was gonna be a great year!!!

    i feel SO ALIVE!!!! and TINGLY!! and i mean everywhere!

  • steveg

    Really Scott, just exactly what do you think he would say. He is still on scholarship, still a member of the team, and still under Kiffen’s authority. These are not the loud mouth pros you are writing about.

  • steveg

    Bucket, you got the cadre looking into all that crime over there at #1 Crime U? Was going to Westwood for a party this weekend but now I think we are going to change our plans.