Petersen Available?

Here’s an interesting story from the San Jose Mercury News where Boise State coach Chris Petersen’s college coach thinks he might be willing to leave because of conference realignment. Link here

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  • Andersen would be a good get for Cal, Petersen isn’t going anywhere.

  • USConquer1

    Doubt that Petersen will leave. Petersen is a self confessed protege of Paul Hackett and he is open about his admiration for him—that alone makes me cringe. That alone could spell trouble if he moves from a second tier football school like Boise St into a big time Pac 12 school.

    • You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about, NONE.

      • TrojanFan

        Same here, this guy has some issues

  • Robert Smith

    Thoughts on Hue Jackson anyone? I think he’d be a great college coach and likely heading to Cal. I think his temperament is better suited for college and would be a great recruiter. He had the Raiders headed towards the playoffs before injuries killed the team.

  • dtksr1

    Any coach will consider and accept the right offer… get real. This includes Petersen too!

    • Really? Petersen has been offered every big job that has come up and rejected them all, what would he take at this stage of the game .

      • dtksr1

        It hasn’t been the right offer for “him” yet is all I am saying. Unless Boisie St. gets into a big-boy conference (highly unlikely) and can pay the big bucks, he will bolt. He keeps winning and probably is already thinking, damn I’m good and I am only taking home this?

        • dtksr1

          If he isn’t thinking it, I bet his old lady is. And you should know how that works… His son is well enough & out of the hospital. There is nothing to keep them there anymore.

  • Trojanpete

    Cal is cash strapped as they owe Tedford $7 million. He was ultimately fired because the football teams Graduation Success Rate dipped below 50% and they were dead last in the Pac 12 in that category. They still try to fool themselves into thinking that the reason why they can’t do well is because they have such high academic standards both for acceptance into the school and once the students are in it. The reality is that there have been a number of football players over the years that other schools, including USC, have rejected due to poor grades but Cal accepted. Ultimately, there are classes like underwater basket weaving at Cal that players take just like players at other schools. They suck because they are Cal. I don’t see them hiring Hue Jackson. I see them getting McIntyre from San Jose St. or some other up and comer.

    • gotroy22

      TrojanPete is right. Remember Russell White? And they were caught cheating with a professor fixing grades for players.

  • QueenKiff

    Petersen is not the answer for SC! He is currently the fools gold of college football coaches, in fact, it’s true of the last two Boise coaches that end up in a BCS conference. The answer is a coach with NFL HC experience. Worked for us with Pete, working for UCLA with Mora.

  • USConquer1

    @facebook-1423558008:disqus What the hell??! We’re saying the SAME THING. Petersen will not come to USC but even if he chose to it wouldnt be a good fit. I cringe at anyone so closely associated with Paul Hackett. Dont kill the messenger…