Sun Bowl Scenario

Some bowl projections have USC playing Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl. Would an option offense just be one more thing to trouble the Trojans? Or does the fact Monte Kiffin coached at Nebraska in the early 1970’s make him an option expert?

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  • QueenKiff

    Likely a 6-7 GaTech team at that. Geez, Kiffin’s #1 ranked preseason ends El Cartel Paso.

  • Golden Trojan

    How about getting dissed by the Sun Bowl. Then we get the (1992 Freedom Bowl) rematch with Fresno St in Vegas baby Vegas! Maybe an embarrassing loss would get Kiffin fired just like Larry Smith.

  • Independent_George

    Yes, an option offense will cause problems because for the past 25 years, Monte designed defenses that never had to take into account where the QB was. The QB was either in the pocket or handing the ball off. That is his great undoing, that he still doesn’t know how to account for the QB, and at 68, he is too old to learn.

  • TroyFan52

    Yeah. How fun is a bowl game where the US Government has all kinds of travel restrictions and crime and murder are merely miles away? Maybe the mexican cartels will perform a beheading as the Hyundai Halftime Show!!!! I’ll pass…….save some money for Hawaii.

  • dtksr1

    Dear Lord, please don’t let it be another spread or QB option type offense USC competes with in a bowl game… at least until Monte is gone. If Kiffin doesn’t want his approval level to drop more than what it already is, the liar (according to Al Davis) better lobby in playing a school whose offense his old man can handle! Haden just might not show up at that bowl game otherwise.

  • ThaiMex

    How deserving…and appropriate would this be….SUCks and all those frat boys at The Sun Bowl….gleefully joining Kinky Friedman in singing “Proud to be an A$$hole from El Paso!”

    Chucker….somebody kick me….I mean pinch me….I’m feeling so alive!

    fit on torgan!