Kiffin Fallout

I wasn’t near a computer when USC announced Monte Kiffin “resigned,” which is the least surprising announcement of the year.

But now names are being floated like former Auburn coach Gene Chizik, etc. Remember that coaches are leary of the fact Lane Kiffin’s got only 2 years left on his contract and could be fired next year.

That could limit Kiffin’s options. And is a new defensive coordinator going to demand to bring in one or two of his own assistants?

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  • BearBryant3

    pat narduzzi from michigan state should be the number 1 target

  • BearBryant3

    Put nine guys in box play fast and be agressive

    • carter

      And the spread offenses will beat you every time.
      That is why the Spartans were one of probably 5 of the biggest disappoiintments of the 2012 season, the Trojans leading the list, of course.
      If you can’t teach tackling because you are afraid to hit and/or injure a fellow player in practice, then you really cannot be assured of just how well you are doing on defense, until it is too late.

      • BearBryant3

        They were a dissapointment because there offense was awful, not there defense.

        • BearBryant3

          most points allowed last year was 27 and second most was 24. Most teams freakout playing against spread, playing completely out of their defenses fundamentals, narduzzi won’t be doing that. Watch them in everygame this year against spread and no crazy defenses, Just miami cover 4.

          • CheattheSystem

            1st you say put 9 guys in the box, then you say cover 4???? What are you talking about???

          • BearBryant3

            Cover 4 with the safeties at 7 to 10 yards max off the L.OS.. The safties play at stay not into backpedal off the snap in less they read pass or in third and very long situations. Safties read the last man on the L.O.S. example tackle or tight end. If they read run then become force on the edge or D gap.

  • 3rdandlong

    Haden wont touch Chizik, so you can stop spreading that one Wolf.

    • JulioChurches

      Chizik has what it takes to turn our defense around. Why wouldn’t Haden go with an obvious choice?

  • realtrojan

    It’s not the older Kiffin that really ruined the program. Fire the son!!! Yeah, that’s right!!! FIRE LANE KIFFIN NOW!!!

  • ThaiMex

    Wolfman is alllll over the scenario….Unfortunately…GOAT BOY will not get the chance to finish out his final 2 years….After this season…he’s ONE AND DONE..U-C-L-A Bruin Fans are not happy…we’d like KIFFY to stick around for ever! (Barkley TOO!) Change of DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR will have ZERO EFFECT on performance as long as you have an over abundance of “SPECIAL ADMITS” and continue to seek out those players with the dreaded CHARACTER ISSUES.
    4 & 8 might not be so great, but thats where next years team is headed…
    fit on torgan

    • realtrojan

      Hey, you know what? What you’re barking these days on here might actually help us replace the terrible HC and resume our winning tradition. You better be careful of what you wish for, because once we get rid of this young and immature punk we’ll get a quality coach befitting the prestige of our program. Please…continue what you’ve been doing for OUR sake.

      • gotroy22

        Yes in this case ruins will regret what they wish for if Haden pulls the trigger and gets rid of Lane..

    • Where did u graduate from? Hahahahahana

  • dtksr1

    Mr. Kiffin not doubt worked hard, holding his head in amazement why he couldn’t find the answer in stopping spread offenses with running QBs. But 1.5 million a year for his results is obscene and abusive. If Monte was the reason a recruit chose USC, I can’t recall any. So where was the return on investment here with the exception of his results & the program being laughed at by all of college football?

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Monte recruited Robey, Williams and Agolor. He recruited Florida and we have pulled some very good players out of the state since he took it over.

  • bazinga

    “resigned” in quotes…so does this mean that you know for a fact that
    Monte Kiffin didn’t make this decision himself, recognizing that it was
    best for all parties involved? If it doesn’t mean that, then Monte
    Kiffin deserves more respect. If it does mean that, why not just come out and report it.