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USC wide receiver Marqise Lee said the Trojans are “upset” over their 7-5 season as the team waits to find out if bowls like the Sun, Holiday or Las Vegas will choose it. Link here

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  • Duarte_Road

    Dan Patrick this morning “reporting he’s been told” USC has told Lane Kiffin to recruit up to 25 players; NCAA sanctions to be eased after judge says he’s releasing damaging internal NCAA e-mails showing malicious activity towards USC and USC assistant coach Todd McNair.

    • ThaiMex

      Life/or NO LIFE in Duarte? No wonder you have so much time to post B.S. like this. # 1 Ranked in this years PRE-SEASON. Inflated ego’s, deflated balls. Loser’s like you probably believe..just like Brain surgeon Garrett said before he was FIRED….People are just plain jealous! ( file under…We’re going to Miami, Barf wins the Heisman, and 13-0) Thank goodness Barf rebuilt Haiti!

      BTW…..where’s that other fool…you know…THE BLOWIN SAMOAN…(aka our 75 is better than your 85)?

      fit on RETARD!

      • TrojanFan

        You stupid idiot, release the repeat button, you keep playing the same song over and over and over and over

        You definitely are a few bricks short…LOL

        • USC owns the Rose Bowl

          and the song he plays over and over isn’t even any good. ours is.

          dom ta ta tata tata dom dom da da-daaa! V

        • dtksr1

          Man… haven’t you figured it out yet? As long as you respond in any way to them, they are going to keep coming back. Ignore’m anytime they post.

      • USC owns the Rose Bowl

        How was that win, CryMex? You won your 2nd game against SC in A DECADE AND A HALF! shouldn’t you be partying, not trolling?!?!

        USC after a win: drinking and meeting women
        UCLA after a win: trolling SC board

        TROLL on though, bro!!

        • TrojanFan

          When you walk like John Wayne, wear a baby blue sweater with white stains on the front. and the word Cadre written on the back,with a black Sharpie, plus a pink eye patch and dirty jockstraps, hanging out the back pocket, do you think any women would want to meet this guy……No!

          As far as the drinking goes, i think he’s been putting down enough koolaid, just read some of his posts

      • steveg

        one of the great leaders from the fuclan troll cadre. Please know we will accept your apology when the ncaa is exposed and you got nothing except #1 CRIME U.

    • Golden Trojan

      Sure is looking like McNair has a case, will be interesting to see it plays out, especially if it exposes the kangaroo court mentality in the NCAA.

  • TroyFan52

    I think the Holiday Bowl would be a good thing…..didn’t think they would want a thin, underachieving team with no identity other than giving up big yards. Plus wouldnt most SC people drive down day of??? Bowls want people for a couple days. I don’t think they’ve earned the Holiday Bowl…..El Paso is a fitting fate for this 7-5 disaster…….

    • TrojanFan

      The NCAA took a shit in their boots, and now their afraid of the smell

      I feel so alive!….LOL

    • CheattheSystem

      First and foremost, bowls want a sellout. then they look to help the local economy with hotels and restaurants. The Holiday would be best served in taking Oregon St.

      • TrojanFan

        Send them to Las Vegas, I want to see them play in my backyard, plus who doesn’t like to spend a weekend down on the strip

        • Golden Trojan

          Fresno St would be the likely match in Vegas. I would love the 20 yr anniversary of the Larry Smith Freedom Bowl debacle. It got Smith fired maybe it will get Kiffin fired.

  • Nemesis

    Marqise Lee said the Trojans are “upset” over their 7-5 season. Of course the Trojans are upset…as the preseason #1, the Trojans were upset five times. šŸ˜‰