Names to Replace Kiffin

Here are the names floating around right now:

USC defensive line coach Ed Orgeron, San Diego Chargers assistant coach Joe Barry, former Auburn coach Gene Chizik, former Cal defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast, TCU assistant coach Randy Shannon and New Mexico State coach Dewayne Walker.

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  • carter

    Why would anyone consider a former Auburn coach whose team this year gave up 340 points in 12 games, and its only 3 wins of the season were over Louisiana Monroe, New Mexico State and Alabama A&M?

    • senioreditor

      Because you don’t judge a coach one 1 season.

    • senioreditor

      While at Central Florida in Orlando, Chizik frequently visited practice sessions of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers studying the Bucs’ defensive scheme developed by then-Bucs head coach Tony Dungy, defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and linebackers coach Lovie Smith.[5]

      Chizik later employed a very similar scheme at Auburn, where he served again as the defensive coordinator and secondary coach from 2002–04. During this time, he had some of the greatest successes of his career to date. He coached in three bowl games, the 2003 Capital One Bowl, 2004Music City Bowl, and 2005 Sugar Bowl. His 2004 defensive unit led the country in scoring defense, giving up 11.3 points per game,[6] and the total defense ranked 5th, which is the same ranking the 2003 team recorded.[7] He garnered the 2004 Broyles Award, which is given each year to the top assistant coach in the nation. The 2004 Auburn Tigers football team finished 13–0 that year, won the SEC title, and defeated Virginia Tech in theSugar Bowl. It placed second in the final AP and Coaches polls.[8]

      In 2005, Chizik was hired by Texas to serve as their co-defensive coordinator, assistant head coach, and linebackers coach.[9] During his time at Texas, the team won the 2005 NCAA Division I-A national football championship by defeating USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl.

      • steveg

        consider that he defended against pro style offenses. again we need someone that can be flexible with all the spreads we face

  • USConquer1

    It’s ABOUT TIME!! It’s BS that Lane is trying to spin it to make it seem like Monte has better options in the NFL. So long old man!! Lets get Chizik now!

    • BearBryant3

      That old man is a legend in coaching circles. Maybe time to retire or just get a new start

    • realtrojan

      You really think getting a new DC will turn the program around? Keep dreaming, because it’ll NEVER happen as long as we’ve got Lane Kiffin as HC. Mark my words.

      • ThaiMex

        lookie here…a torgan with a clue! (did your mommie and daddy go to UCLA?). After next season, he’s done….kicked to the streets with a career head coaching record of 1 game over 500. What was So Cal BRAIN SURGEON Garrett thinking? (did he ever really think?)
        fit on football U (any chance you guys are ranked # 1 next pre season?)
        fit on torgan

        • steveg

          been rolled lately over at #1 crime U?

          • ProbationU

            Have the 4 guys that were shot on SC’s camous over Halloween recovered yet? Or the football player hit by a stray bullet on the practice field a few years ago? Yeah, South Central safer than Westwood. Great survey that was. If it looks like a shooting, tastes like a shooting, and bleeds like a shooting, it was a shooting.

    • JulioChurches

      exactly my thoughts. CLK is trying to make it look like a graceful exit when we ALL know that Monte K. would have been fired! Monte has nowhere to go and, at best, he’ll get a sh!tty D Line or LB coaching position somewhere.
      To be sure, our offense has problems, but the O is not THE problem. Our offense can be improved with some serious thinking and adjustments by CLK and staff, whereas our defense would have continued to be a FAIL under Monte Kiff. We couldn’t even tackle in the open field?? I mean, come the f*ck on!!

  • Edward Marlowe

    Read this and salivate Trojan Fans-yes max Wittek looked great but M Browne is unbelievable- Over 4132 yards of offense-45 TD;S and only 4 INTS!!

    • TrojanFan

      No need to get the banana hammock all twisted, his time will come…lol

      PS…. your linky is broken

      • JulioChurches

        what are you yapping about? this is my first week on this blog and all you do is yap and talk nonsense and smack. someone needs to take you to the the cleaners to clean your clock out really nice. you know what I’m sayin?

        BTW the link worked fine, thank you.

        b!tch ass.

        • TrojanFan

          after you went back and fixed it……my clock is clean, at least that’s what the old lady says

          • JulioChurches

            how could I go back and “fix” the link if I didn’t even write the comment in the first place?

            You are getting stupider by the hour.

          • TrojanFan

            I must of confused you with some other swing dick….troll on Mr. football

  • HAWR-HAWR!!!

    wolfman, even by CADRE standards, you are taking your vengeance a bit too far!!!!

    you single-handedly have sunk Kiff!!!!!

    you are like Rocky in Rambo First Blood Part II !!!!!!!

    Kiff dared to F*ck with you and you annihilated him!!!

    wolfman, you’re one ruthless Vato!!!!

    • TrojanFan

      now bucket is sleeping with the enemy…..LOL

  • gotroy22

    For DC or head coach? As long as we have Lane Kiffin as head coach nothing will improve.

  • I’m surprised Pete Carroll isn’t on that list.

    • steveg

      don’t doubt for a minute that they haven’t considered him.

      • I’m more than serious. How freaking huge would that be?

    • TrojanFan

      He is, it’s called the “shit list”

    • JulioChurches

      Are you serious??!! Sometimes I think other SC fans are pulling my dong and just plain messing around when they write inane comments, but you seem to be serious….which is scary.
      NO f’n way PC will come back for ANY position, especially not to work under CLK or Haden. Gimme a goddamn break and stop posting BS!

      • TrojanFan

        Hey hulio, if someone is pulling on your dong, I’m sure they’re serious about it….don’t confuse bucket for a Trojan fan


    USC Defensive Line coach Ed Orgeron -He is the logical choice, if he can hire his own assistants,

    San Diego Chargers assistant coach Joe Barry – Hell didn’t do shit when he was here before,

    Former Auburn coach Gene Chizik – We don’t need an SEC retread who can’t even deal with those predictable SEC offenses

    Former Cal defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast – Jury still out, unknown

    TCU assistant coach Randy Shannon -has a lot of experience in dealing with spread offenses,

    New Mexico State Head Coach Dewayne Walker -He is a former USC Defensive Coach assistant. I don’t see him being able to work with Lane… PERIOD. Also, it may be contentiousness with Ed Orgeron. Also, will he be able deal with being demoted to DC. He is the architect of the 13-9 victory over USC when UCLA had absolutely nothing. He is my top pick. and could be next USC next HC.

    • JulioChurches

      Man, you are steady trippin on every account that you just wrote. Gene Chizik had one bad season, but he can turn our defense around.

      Joe Barry is a tough SOB that has the cojones that Monte was lacking.

      R. Shannon, Dewayne Walker, and Ed Orgeron are either not a good fit at DC or they don’t have what it takes at a big time program like SC.

      • BEATND

        RE: Dewayne Walker, and Ed Orgeron are either not a good fit at DC or they don’t have what it takes at a big time program like SC.

        And you say I B TRIPPIN…..ROTLMAO

        • JulioChurches

          You forgot the “F.” (interpret that as you will). LOL!

  • Jason

    Trojans need to go outside of the Family. They need new ideas to get the defense to play harder. Thoughts?

  • Walker HATES Kiffin, seems like anyone good hates Kiffin, wonder why ?

    • JulioChurches

      Kiffin is the coach that everyone loves to hate. If he stopped being so goddamn weaselly and acting like a whiny little b!tch and just focused on coaching he would serve himself well. Dewayne Walker and several other potential coaches can’t stand Lane Kiff. It’ll be challenging to get a firme coach, but I’m confident we’ll get a good one.

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Randy Shannon please.