Rumor Mill

I would hesitate to respond to anything that starts with “Dan Patrick reported.” And Lane Kiffin denied Patrick’s report that Kiffin would hire Jeff Tedford. Considering there was a report Tedford turned down Colorado, I would be skeptical about him coming to USC. I hear Tedford might want to be an NFL assistant.

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  • Duarte_Road

    Screw the Tedford info Wolf — how about addressing Dan Patrick’s claim this morning that USC has told Kiffin to recruit 25 instead of 15? I realize this would mean having to do some investigative reporting by you … ah shoot, what am I thinking, Wolf and reporting don’t go together … my bad, carry on.

    • Troy

      I brought this up in another post. I’m hearing the same grumbling about the 25 scholarships AND there was an agreement by SC brass to proceed with a lawsuit but this is all pending on the McNair case.

      • Trojanpete

        I heard from some folks that they are not planning a lawsuit–at least not yet–but this has gone above Haden’s head and once the evidence the NCAA used against McNair is unsealed, the school will use that as leverage against the NCAA to cut a deal to reduce sanctions. We should find out within the next month assuming the NCAA’s bid to keep the evidence sealed dies AND the NCAA does not cut a deal with McNair to keep him quiet.

  • dtksr1

    Why in the hell would Colorado want anything to do with Jeff Tedford? They need somone much more than that kind of coaching unless they want to attempt mediocrity and I did say “attempt”. If Tedford joined Kiffin it would an immediate standoff of stubborness and then go down from there on the 2nd day of work. Whoever takes over at CAL will probably bench 50% of Tedford’s returning starters. I don’t know who I would trust more, Patrick or Kiffin. Maybe I should trust Charlie Strong over both of them put together.

    • USConquer1

      Your being paranoid about Tedford and Kiffin and assuming that they will be stubborn. Tedford could be our best choice as OC and even though he had a bad 2012 season, the guy is solid.

      • Trojanpete

        I agree. I think Tedford is a good coach. He just needs to step away from being a head coach for a while. But would he bring himself to coaching under Lane?

      • TrojanFan

        Why would Tedford take one step forward and two steps back?….

  • Nemesis

    I don’t think the offense was the problem this year; it was the defense. Or more in particular, the inability to defend spread offenses. So, in my opinion, we need to get a new defensive coordinator first before entertaining a new offensive coordinator.

    Even if we got a new OC, the problem with all those spread offenses in the PAC-12 still remain and that’s why we lost.

  • joeybbadd

    Nice job wolf, insult Dan Patrick who has a NATIONAL radio show and has a gig on the NFL’s premiere game of the week pregame show – and you…oh ya…

  • SoCal_Native_59

    Why does anyone pay for your “reporting”. Walk in front of a bus.

  • TrojanFan

    At least Dan reports relevant info, instead of fueling the fire in regards to his well publicized vendetta against Kiffen

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman, at least Dan reports relevant info, instead of fueling the fire in regards to your much publicized vendetta against Kiffen

  • ok, i have to step in and bring some Bucket to this fantastic conversation!!!

    listen Dummies, you are officially screwed!!!

    UCLA will OWN your flat asses for years to come, and by the time the trOXans recover from Cheatey’s shenanigans, we are talking 2020 before you will challenge for an appearance in a BCS game!!!!!

    how does it feel to have to eat Sh!!t in your Guaran-fing-teed Champeeenship season????


    • joeybbadd

      You are so right…the monopoly IS over there…2 wins in 14 years is a huge step in the right direction.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, you stupid fuckin idiot, if your going to step in and bring your worthless opinion, at least know what you’re talking about, The BCS is history after next season. I guess a ruin fan wouldn’t much about the BSC

  • gillyking

    Wolf, you standing in front of Dan Patrick is about the same as Monte standing in front of the Oregon Ducks offense! BTW.. when the hell is Spiller going to show up?

  • chris

    Scottie, you can’t hold Dan’s jockstrap. Never could. He gets more done by Monday afternoon than you do all month.

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket would sure love to get a chance at holding it