Go-To Guy

With USC looking for a defensive coordinator, the no-brainer move would probably include Lane Kiffin seeking advice from Pete Carroll on who to hire for the job.

But we hear relations have cooled between the two, so Carroll might not be the go-to guy.

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  • tacotuesday

    Because if there’s one guy who knew how to stop mobile quarterbacks and spread offenses it was Carroll.

    • socal2582

      Really we had problems with a mobile qb in his era as well but not as bad he had no answer for Vince Young In the rose bowl game

      • tacotuesday


        he had problems with a few mobile qbs, most of which aren’t even playing football right now, like dixon, prince, and that other oregon guy who stole laptops and stuff.

        • socal2582

          Well good ol lane is gonna be on a hot seat so they better get someone who can bring a Stanford style d and shut these spreads down

        • The Texas thug QB, Young and the Oregon thug Masoli

      • TrojanFan

        There was scout team players on the field during keys plays, plus a couple true freshmen…Pete was playing with a short deck…..4th and 2 was the real issue in that game

  • SoCal_Native_59

    Wolf you don’t know anything about the relationship between Kiffin and Carroll’s. If anyone holds you in lower regard than Kiffin it’s Carroll.

    • How TRUE.

      • steveg

        Ya Scott, you are just one step above the thai mex and the cadre. That’s way down there.

        • SoCal_Native_59

          He may be Thai Mex and the cadre, ever consider that?

  • NO NO NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PC was a Monte disciple, DO NOT go to him for any advice.

  • JulioChurches

    Why the hell would Kiff go to Carroll for any advice? Carroll’s time at USC is done with and for good reason. You don’t bail on your team when the hammer is coming down—-that was a cowardly move by PC.
    Either way, go ahead and go to PC for advice and watch the debacle continue.

    • TrojanFan

      There relationship goes waaaaay back, Pete’s wife used to babysit Lane when he was a little kid….To think that he left because of a pending investigation is plain ignorant,,,,,and you say i don’t know anything about football

      • JulioChurches

        waah, waaah, waah!! Stop bitching and barking. Learn something about football from reading comments by those who really know.

        • TrojanFan

          Hey hulio, practice what you preach, you seem to be the one telling everyone they know nothing about football

          PS…Madden NFL doesn’t count

          • JulioChurches

            Not everyone, only you and occasionally I tell BJ too.

  • Scott, call B Martin. LOL

  • Mike 70

    Scott you don’t know shit. Try getting some facts instead of speculation…

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    The answer is you don’t have to ask anyone what the obvious is… Every time a spread offense plays a ruggedly tough explosive defensive line, it takes away most of the spread’s running plays as well as the QB scrambles. The spread’s passing plays, which the QB can’t stand around too long to throw or he gets chased out of the pocket or tackled, has to be controlled by the defensive backfield & backers mixed up with zones & mans. Find a successful program that has such a defensive scheme and you find the D-coordinator to hire, which USC has the money to do. Save the finder’s fee.

  • well, Carroll gave Kiffin the Raiders job… would you do that for someone you liked?

    *that’s sarcasm too*