Lost Season

The departure of Monte Kiffin only underscores again what a disappointment this season turned out to be. The schedule had Oregon and Notre Dame at home. USC had the most-explosive offense in the nation according to most pundits.

The reduction of 10 scholarships was something that could be weathered for at least a season. Instead, it was squandered and Lane Kiffin was probably forced to remove his father.

It really should have turned out different and why it didn’t is something more important than just blaming the defense.

  • http://twitter.com/dannyfrankel Daniel Frankel

    Yes, Scott, the season was disappointing. And you’ve done your job by scrutinizing the coaching staff, which may not be up to the task. But I have to say that you’ve seemed personally involved of late, seemingly on a crusade to rid the program of Lane Kiffin. You’re beginning to go so far as to affect your credibility.

  • TrojanFan

    How many different ways can this guy say the SAME THING? …..and I thought bucket was the only one that left the repeat button on….In other words, he needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • steveg

      Sounds just like Bucket and his flaming gay cadre.

  • Independent_George

    Wolfie is no more or less on a crusade to rid major college football of Lane Kiffin than 95% commentors on the fan blogs, and 99% of the people in the media.

    That said, the reason is Lane’s cockiness, or ego. He made these six mistakes:

    1. Thought he could replace the best pure LT USC had seen since Sam Baker with a sophomore guard WHO HAD NEVER PLAYED ON THE EDGE AND WHO HAD NEVER LINED UP WITH HIS LEFT HAND DOWN IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE. Just because someone looks like an LT doesn’t mean he’ll be any good there.

    2. Thought Monte had finally figured out how to coach a college defense.

    3. Thought Barkley was Andrew Luck. This isn’t a knock on Barkley. He has been unfairly pounded on, but in four or five years when we look back at the Sanctions Era, he will be given the credit he deserves for being a great Trojan.

    4. Thought he could be OC/Head Coach/micro-manager in chief. Only succeeded in one of those things, and it wasn’t OC/Head Coach.

    5. Thought he was the pro-style Chip Kelly (see no. 4)

    6. Thought he could establish an NFL-Jr. program, complete with non-contact practices and bloated game plans. It’s hard enought to do it well in the NFL, where Kiffin failed miserablely at it, and it’s impossible to do it with 18 year olds in 20 hiurs a week.

    • TrojanFan

      Why does it matter which hand he had down?

      • Independent_George

        The shift from left to right is huge. Walker all year had a tendency to favor his right side, and defenses exploited that (see UCLA and Barks’ injury). Some players can’t transition. Some players can’t even go from a three point stance to standing up (Alex English, Chargers draft choice), or from standing up to a three point stance (Shea McCullen, Chicago draft choice). It’s why the jury is still out on Nick Perry, going from the DE spot with has hand down to an Outside Linebacker in a three-four defense.

        • TrojanFan

          Are you trying to say he was playing out of position? But you didn’t answer the question, why would it matter which arm was down…..or why not the arm he was most comfortable with

          • juliochurches

            Why even bother trying to explain it to TrojanFast? he’s an idiot that doesn’t understand football.

          • TrojanFan

            Hey julio. since you seem to be the new know it all, why don’t you flash me some of your great football IQ….

            Sounds like the banana hammock is still twisted….ouch!

            PS…there is a guy named bucket around here, that would love to help you…just saying

  • tacotuesday

    Every coach in the world who is better than Kiffin is probably not willing to take Kiffin’s job with the current sanctions. You’re as bad as Fox news.


      I think the internet gets it, liberals don’t like Fox News. It’s still the most watched news station in the country. Can we move on now?

  • Independent_George

    I have to concurr. Yes, this season was a disaster. Yes, Lane is over his head. But who many times and different ways do you have to point out the obvious? It’s not like anyone is argueing with you.

  • steveg

    Wolf, pay attention to what we are saying, you got little to no credibility right now and it’s getting worse. We all know the coaching cost us a season, you continually repeating it doesn’t do anything for anyone, except bucket, who needs repeating to, and tai mex who probably won’t understand anyway. Get on with life, drop the vendetta and report sports, okay?

    • TrojanFan

      The wolfman trolls his own blog…….what a fuckin TOOL

  • JJ4SC

    Three of their losses were to teams that finished in the top ten. Turnovers killed them big time. The players on defense are not that great the only first round pick is Lenard Williams. The answers are not hard to get. To bad we don’t have real reporters to look for them.