Small World

When USC defensive line coach Ed Orgeron was the head coach at Ole Miss, he fired UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone after one season.

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  • BearBryant3

    That’s is funny

  • steveg

    and so…?

  • tacotuesday

    at least we had a better record against stanford than ucla this year

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, repeat after me, WIDE LEFT!…….now go put your head back in the hole and grease the flag pole

    • ThaiMex

      So this is what you’ve been reduced to? This is what you’ll have to fall back on for the next year?
      Wait till your recruiting class catches wind of this!
      fit on torgan!

      • TrojanFan

        0 for 2, nice choke job…..old news, where in the fuck have you been

      • USC owns the Rose Bowl

        awwwwwwww CryMex is upset!!! LOLOLOLOLOL nice job losing to the same team twice in one week!
        What else would SC fall back on? Oh, right, our “winning history” or whatever. Who needs “tradition” lmaooooo congrats fucla you’re good you’ll just never be GREAT.

        TROLL on, though!!!


        • ThaiMex

          You’re not even Good! ….but you only lost to Stanford once!
          Fit on Torgan!

          • USC owns the Rose Bowl

            7-5 was a failure for USC this year. 6-8 was average for UCLA last season. Enough said. BUAHAHAHAHAHA don’t worry though, you’ll be hyped next year, we won’t, and we’ll kick your ass. Enjoy the win this year, figures it’d be all for naught. Ha.

            TROLL on though!!!

          • Bluefynn

            Dude, we are seriously going to crush you fools again next year. and you all know it. Now that the cheaters, drug dealers and rapists are gone from your team, you are reduced to average at best. We will only be getting better. Enjoy your offseason.

          • TrojanFan

            Dude, lay off the koolaid, you sound like a stupid idiot, no one around here gives a fuck what shit squirts out of you mouth

            The Trojans will be cocked and loaded next year, no fear on our end

            troll on

            0 for 2…..LOL!

          • Bluefynn

            guess well see how it plays out. nobody in bruin land thinks you guys are anything special anymore either.

      • What do SC and Fucla have in common?

        Neither will play in the Rose Bowl

        Neither will end up on the Top 10

        Both have 4 conference losses

        Oh boy, 2 wins in 14 years.


  • TrojanFan

    …..and he still can’t get the job done….lol

    PS……I vote the wolfman, most pathetic sportswriter in America


    Wolfie, Noel Mazzone was pathetic at Ole Miss. Ed’s D was holding down the fort but they just had no “O”.