Woods Goes Pro

USC wide receiver Robert Woods announced after the game he would turn pro. Woods said the NFL evaluation said he would be a second-round pick but he believed he could move up with good workouts.

“There’s potential I could be a first-rounder,” Woods said.

Woods said he was not influenced by the fact he caught fewer passes this season than his sophomore year.

“If the (USC) coaches kept me another year, they would probably get me the ball,” Woods said.

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Kiffin On Job Status

Lane Kiffin was asked if he was concerned about his job status?

“No,” Kiffin replied.

Asked about changes, Kiffin said, “We’re going to evaluate everything.”

But that has been his stock answer the latter part of the season to questions about making changes.

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Discuss The Debacle

How many times can you say basically the same thing? Expect excuses about Matt Barkley being out or the wind but where was the energy? The leadership? The will to play? That falls on one person: The . . . Coach

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