16 thoughts on “Another Name

    • STFU. You are the number one tool asking for a completely Pro Set coach so shove it.

      • Shit dude!, your reading comprehension skills are worse than your football IQ….so in all fairness you need to STFU

        • “Your”? OK, Beavis.
          Make up your mind. Either you want a strictly pro style offense or you don’t. Stop muddling sh!✛ up and speaking out of both corners of your mouth, Beavis.

          • You still don’t understand what the wolfman wrote….are you really that fuckin stupid?

          • Goddamnit! Are you serious, Beavis?? Did you go to USC, or are you just a dumb band wagonner? Need I spell it out for you again? I guess so. Here it goes again. You posted several times that SC doesn’t need a spread offense of any kind—just keep sticking to the pro style offense Kiff runs. And now you are contradicting yourself by agreeing with SW in wanting a spread offense oriented coordinator. Jeezus, Beavis. You get dumber by the minute.

          • Listen up you stupid idiot, Mark carrier is a defensive coach…..If you can’t understand what you are reading, that’s a YOU problem

          • Oh man, I guess that is “YOU” problem and not mine then because I never said MC was an offensive coach. What a dooooshhh!

          • Where did I say “we don’t need a ready ready defense”….do you understand what you’re reading, it’s really simple

          • Lord, help me. I give up on you. Everything you wrote above is obvious. All over this blog, you berated the idea of getting any kind of coach (O or D) that would run any kind of scheme except a pro style one. Here, you clearly contradicted yourself, but you can’t admit that. It’s no wonder everyone makes fun of you all over this blog. I’m sorry…..for entertaining a discussion with you.

            (there’s the sound of a Dooooossshhhh!!!!)

          • I went and reviewed my posts, can’t seem to find anything that backs up your conspiracy….I did say, we don’t need a spread offense to win games….Wow!, you just keep striking out

            I know you’re dying to stick it in my ass, but I’m not your guy…

            Who is everyone?…. you mean the Trojan haters, gotcha!,

  1. Kiffin is going to get a name coach with an impressive resume’ probably from a name program, because he has the money to do it and he won’t take a chance on someone less to where it blows up in his face again. He will not get a 3rd chance if the defense craps out again. So forget the Carriers & Arandas out there.

    • You don’t even know who this guy is, you comment prove it…..please stay on the porch if you can’t run with the big dogs

  2. LMAO!!! This is one of the funniest sounding fart in the wind I’ve heard in my whole freaking life!!! How can a HC with virtually no experience with spread offense hire and dictate somebody who has it? This young punk is totally out of it, just as his facial expressions would have it during games. FIRE THIS JOKER NOW!!! NEXT YEAR WILL BE TOO LATE!!!

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