Answer Saturday!

Time to answer some reader questions:

Q: Vito

Is it possible for Haden to send Kiff to a leadership class? He has absolutely no presence on the sidelines. All football teams are a reflection of their coach. From what I see the players are not intimidated or respect Lane, I see a lack of passion from him and it reflects on his team during the game. I mean even his press interviews suck. I get more fired up listening to my sunday mass sermon. USC deserves a coach not a coordinator impersonating a coach. Do you think Lane will ever be a coach that will inspire his players? Maybe we can all send him a book to read. Here’s my recommendation for Kiff “What It Takes to Be #1 : Vince Lombardi on Leadership”

A: It’s all about personality. Pete Carroll was full of charisma and enthusiasm. Paul Hackett was unable to motivate his players because they did not believe in him. I’m not sure you can manufacture or grow into having a personality that inspires or leads people.

Q: trojan92

With Cal firing Tedford and his long history with Kiffin, do you think he’d be a viable OC candidate that could take over play calling duties?

A: I know Dan Patrick reported that Kiffin would hire Tedford but I do not see it happening at the moment. I think Tedford wants to explore his options and see what is out there. I think he is curious about the NFL too. Tedford might be one of the few people Kiffin would trust to call plays but I think it would only happen after Tedford looks around for other jobs first.

Q: Ben Doverz

Why does Pat Haden think so highly of Lane Kiffin and his ability to coach when he’s shown that he’s not really good at it? I mean 25-11 at USC ain’t nothing to write home about

A: I think Pat Haden’s grown fond of Lane Kiffin over the past two years and believes he can be a good coach. I think Haden is also hesitant to fire a coach after one bad season (two if you count 2010). And I think Haden feels like a defensive change might solve enough problems for the Trojans to be successful. Time will tell if he is right.

  • John Derry

    How likely is it for Norv Turner to land at the OC position? Do you think we will get a full time OC?

    • Trojanpete

      Doubtful. He has been an extremely successful OC in the NFL and someone would pay him $3 million to do that. USC cannot match that and he would never stoop low enough to coach for Kiffin.

  • TrojanFan

    I have to agree with wolfman on his answer to Bend overs question