Morning Buzz

If you believed USC’s announcement that Monte Kiffin resigned to pursue NFL opportunities, then it would mean he is abandoning his players (and son) after a season when school records in points (62) and yards (730) were allowed.

But who believed the announcement? Kiffin suggested in an interview with 710-AM on Friday he quit before being fired.

“I wasn’t going to do that (to my son and tell him), `OK, kid, you want to fire me? Then step up and be a man and fire me,’ ” Monte Kiffin said.

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  • TroyFan52

    Personally I don’t care how it was done. All that matters is that it is done…..What’s up with these Norv Turner OC rumors???? He’s no good at a head job but does know his offense…….Reminds me of Paul Hackett……

    • You’ll be lucky if old Norv isn’t the next head coach !

  • That is a lead question. A fallacy. Abandoning his players and son. Poppycock. They were going to make him walk the plank. He did the noble thing and took responsibility and moved on. It’s called wisdom.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Monte has integrity. He’s well respected just showed us why. Wolf has no concept of such things.

  • Well, Lanie can’t be a man so he would never have fired his senile old man. Mr Magoo should have resigned long before he was forced out, the college game is not his forte and the NFL has passed him by as well. He needs to go home , sit in his rocker and play with his grand kids.

  • TrojanFan

    Monte left, end of story, turn the page and move on, or is it going to be another week of you saying the same thing ten different ways

  • Ben Factor

    Why is so much probing necessary? The defense wasn’t working. For a variety or personal and professional reasons, the DC acted honorably and stepped down. He showed he’s a good man. Thank him and move on. I see no need to speculate further, turn it into an occasion to make either MK or LK look bad, or to make claims that MK could never get another NFL job of any kind. He is 72, and if he still wants to coach defense, he may well have a lot to contribute to full-time professional players who have already mastered all the fundamentals, in a league of QBs who only run when they have to. Why simply assume that he wouldn’t have value? It makes no sense to me.

    I would like it better if Scott would zero in further on the DC prospects.

    Does Barry in fact dislike LK? Scott knows Barry. Call him.

    Is the UNM fellow getting fired? Does anyone know?

    Is the Cal DC really any good? Based on what?

    How did anyone come to think that Chizik would want the DC job, having just accepted a $7.5 million buyout? Chizik is under zero pressure, and has zero relationship to USC. Where did this DC notion arise?

    On a different subject, why do so many people keep talking about John Gruden taking a college HC job? Has he explicitly declared that goal? It doesn’t seem like anything that he would pine for.

  • realtrojan

    If Lane Kiffin had any conscience at all, he’d also resign as coach of USC. But then he’s an immature and greedy type, so I doubt it’ll ever happen. Hell, where else could he go and get a job like he has now? Not in a million years!!! LOL!!!