Kiffin Statement

Lane Kiffin on going to the Sun Bowl:

“After not being in a bowl the past two years, we look forward to playing in a bowl with the tradition of the Sun Bowl. Georgia Tech is a very well-coached team and will present a challenge on both sides of the ball, especially with their great ability to run the ball.
“Although our season didn’t go as well as we hoped, we appreciate the opportunity we now have to play another game and attempt to go out on a winning note.”

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  • Wow- some players already on Twitter asking “if they get to come home right after the game?” Should be a rather inspiring effort. If the players are not fired up to be playing, I’m sure LA Tech wouldn’t mind making the short trip to El Paso since they didn’t get a bowl game after finishing 9-3.

    • Ah, 9-4

      • my bad– still better than 7-5 or 6-7.

        • Spedjones

          Ssshhhhh, Trogies don’t do math well. Which explains why they still don’t understand how painful 15 rides for 3 years is going to be! Cheat ON!

          • TrojanFan

            Hey slowjones, i liked it a lot better when your head was stuck in the hole and bucket had the flagpole all greased up

            PS….0 for 2…looks like you guys might be on to something

          • Going to be 0-3 with Baylor

          • Spedjones

            and this lessens 38-28 and 7-5 how? You suck regardless.

          • SDTroy!

            How about fucla’s FOURTEEN years of irrelevance in the Pac-12 and nationally? Beating the worst coached USC team in the same amount of years doesn’t change the pathetic failure that is the bRuin football program. You had a shot this year and choked….see ya next year chump!

          • Spedjones

            38-28. And anyone thinking this year was an anomaly for SC isn’t paying attention. 2 years to go with only 15 recruits. That’s gonna really hurt. Ad I can’t wait to see how many borderline players bolt for the draft this year. Trogies about to get gutted, just like they did all November long!

          • 13-9. Woooooo hooooooo. Nice choke in Waterpolo for the NC. Poor Adam crying about the officials. Boo hoo

          • Spedjones

            Better than your 4 out of 5 losses down the stretch, including losses to your two biggest rivals. It’s funny how quickly you clowns turn from SC fans to UCLA haters when you lose. And lets face it, you lost to Furd as well. And UCLA. And Oregon. And Arizona. And ND. LOL! Unfinished business – the Sun Bowl!

          • TrojanFan

            It’s funny how quickly you clowns turn from USC haters to ucla fans when you win……2 wins in 16 years, just fuckin pathetic…..troll on

            Bucket said you’re TIGHT……ouch!!!!!

  • And have the same number of losses as Fucla…..FIVE. Go BAYLOR

    • Spedjones


      • 50-0
        13 National Championships
        6 Heismans
        And didn’t choke in waterpolo

        • Spedjones

          Can’t live in the present so jump to the past. But really, when Sc becomes the school with the most NCAA titles, let me know. Until then, just be happy with your crap bowl game and your record cheating sanctions! LOL! 38-28!

          • 2 in 14! Yes! Dream On!

          • Spedjones

            38-28. Nothing better than the now. I’d suggest you try it, but then you’d find that you lost to just about everyone lately and are playing in the Sun Bowl. And that you’ve got 15 scholarships to give for 2 more years with Lane as your head coach. LOL!

          • tacotuesday

            “jump to the past”

            Yup, all the back to last year.

            “record cheating sanctions”

            Have you not heard about SMU, Miami, Penn state, alabama, miami again, ohio state, or McNair’s lawsuit? Or are you just implying that the punishment didn’t fit the crime? If so, i’m glad you support child abuse.

            “most ncaa titles” (i think you meant national championships as ncaa doesnt recognize football championships, or you emotionally value football national championships as much as say softball)

            we’re either tied for second or tied for third. depending on this year’s game. Not horrible.

            addendum: yes we will let you know. And you’ll probably be too embarrassed to respond.

  • juliochurches

    The Sun Bowl (aka Consolation Bowl) is like the consolation of a penetrated man: “You may have put your penis inside of me, but I smothered it with feces.”
    Ask CLK, he knows all about that.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey hulio, is that something you’re passing on from a past experience……just asking

      • juliochurches

        Well, well, well. If it isn’t good ol’ boy TrojanFats rushing to comment on the most ghey-licious comment of the football season.

        Why the rush, TrojanFat? Why. the. rush?

        • TrojanFan

          It’s ok to open the closet door

          • juliochurches

            So what you’re saying is that this is your way of coming out of the closet because it’s “OK”? Lovely, TrojanFail…lovely.

          • TrojanFan

            You’re the one talking about a penis in your asshole….just offering you a platform to make your announcement…..

          • juliochurches

            You just love talking about penis, gay sex, man love, and homoerotic stuff, huh Beavis? I always see you write that kind of stuff towards Bucket and Ben Doverz, and now towards me.

            Perhaps it’s your little dark secret and your obsession? Keep on keepin’ on with that, Beavis.

          • TrojanFan

            Hey Butthead, I sense some jealousy….how cute!