Sun Bowl Set

As expected, it will be USC (7-5) against Georgia Tech (6-7) in the Sun Bowl on Dec. 31 in El Paso.

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  • Scott, next year look up SB Nation. You’ll find this stuff out hours earlier. LAZY

    • Bob Edward

      How ironic, USC plays a team that gets in through the “ucla rule”.

      • Spedjones

        Since they couldn’t beat UCLA, it’s actually a good fit.

        • Oregon State…..Pac 12 #2. hahahahahahaha

          • Spedjones

            Why is that funny? They beat UCLA. USC, PAC 12 #7, now that’s FUNNY.

          • Try Pac#4 turd

  • bRuins beat out by Oregon State as Pac 12 #2 hahahahahaha

    • TrojanFan

      They still get on respect…lol

      I feel so alive!

  • Spedjones

    LOL at anyone with a team playing in El Paso on NYE mocking a team that just beat them 38-28. Irrelevant Bowl? It’s a no-win for SUC and a fitting way for Pick 6 Barkly to go out! 38-28!

    • SC will have the same number of losses as Fucla……5
      nice waterpolo choke.

      • Spedjones

        But not the same number of wins. Nice football choke…5 times. 38-28!

        • Nice waterpolo choke with a NC on the line. Typical

          • Spedjones

            Is that a college sport? Seems you’ve given up on football pretty quickly? Haha 38-28!

          • Wearing your Girlyball t shirt? Hahahahahaha

        • TrojanFan

          Wow! 2 wins in 16 years,,,,just fuckin pathetic…


    JOE blow
    likes to choke and

    • Your wife knows

      • TrojanFan

        Plus!….she smiles when the flavor changes…ouch!

  • juliochurches

    The Sun Bowl (aka Consolation Bowl) is like the consolation of a penetrated man: “You may have put your penis inside of me, but I
    smothered it with feces.”
    Ask CLK and Pappy Monte about that.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey hulio, is that something you’re passing on from a past experience……just asking, again

      • juliochurches

        Ask CLK and Pappy Monte about that, Beavis. Creepy Monte K. will show you by “horsing around” with you in the Heritage Hall shower room
        …just the way you like it.