Sunday Night With Kiffin

“We had five really bad weeks when we went 1-4,” Lane Kiffin said tonight. “We turned the ball over too much and did not play very good on defense at times.”

Kiffin said he expected quarterback Matt Barkley to play in the Sun Bowl. Kiffin also said he did not know when he will hire a defensive coordinator to replace Monte Kiffin.

“I think (the team) is a little bit sad,” Kiffin said about his father’s departure. “Some recruits came here because of him.”

  • juliochurches

    A few bad weeks?? Somebody call Comedy Central. I’ve got a new comedian you’ve got to meet.

  • socal2582

    Does lane know anything he better get a jump on it how will u get recruits to stay committed with not having a d coordinator they need to know who will be calling the d

  • Spedjones

    Seriously folks, why play Barfly? He’s done. Max should get every snap possible.

    • C. Arthur Hayes


  • ThaiMex

    Is this a GREAT program or what????

    USC linebacker Simione Vehikite returned to practice Wednesday after
    getting released from jail earlier this week. Vehitike served more than
    three months for leaving the scene of a car accident and driving with an
    .08% blood-alcohol level and causing injury.

    He was actually sentenced to a year back in May for the two felony counts.

    USC coach Lane Kiffin did not announce Vehitike’s return but it might
    explain why walk-on linebacker Will Andrew is no longer on scholarship.
    The guy gets outta jail and is back at practice the next day! fit on LIMBO U!
    Fit on Torgans!

    • Joe Blow

      Your guys just leave that $h!thole university. Of course you wouldn’t know that. I’ll bet you’ve NEVER even been to Fucla. Hahahahahaha

      • Joe Blow

        Btw, figures you’d know about the comings and goings of guys in jail.

    • tacotuesday

      You do realize this was news in August. Are you still getting your news from Wolf?

      • ThaiMex

        At times I like to reflect of some of those PAST moments that contribute to making SUCks so special. Certain events and quotations should be enshrined in heritage Haul forever so people from all over can scratch their heads and wonder,,,,,”What the hell were these guys thinking”. The Spittin and gropin’ kid was suspended for 2 weeks while this drunk (but talented and desperately needed) idiot went from JAILHOUSE BLUES to Wearing a SUCks Football Uniform in 24 hrs. LIMBO U, there’s no place like it. fit on torgan!

  • Dino Marconi

    He still won’t accept any responsibility for his awful play calling and terrible coaching