Kiffin No. 2

USC coach Lane Kiffin rocketed up to No. 2 on Apparently they did not get the memo that Pat Haden said Kiffin will return next season.

That reminds me a friend told me today, “I told you Kiffin would lose three games this season. I just didn’t know the other Kiffin would lose three games too.”

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  • SoCal_Native_59

    So you’re picking tech scooter?

    • Trojanpete

      No, his friend really does believe that 3+3 = 5

  • Independent_George

    Two of those loses were because opponent coaching improved, Rich Rod at Arizona and Mora at UCLA.

    Next year, it gets worse. We get Leach and Riley insteach of Kelly and Sark. Bank a loss to Riley, and 50/50 for an upset versus Leach.

    Depending on who Cal hires, it is safe to say that only Sark and/or Wittingham are Kiffin’s coaching equals. Every other program has much better coaches.