Past Kiffin On Lee Getting Ball Too Much

Picking up on Matt Barkley’s comments about the offense focusing too much on Marqise Lee, I asked Lane Kiffin after the Arizona State game if he focused too much on Lee.

“No, I think that’s your job as a play caller,” Kiffin said. “We need to keep getting him the ball. If we gave him the ball three times people would ask why he didn’t get the ball more.”

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  • JulioChurches

    Lay off the pedal, Scott. You’re not gonna get him fired. He’ll be he HC through the sanctions then get dumped faster than a Tweedy Blvd. ho after payment.

    • realtrojan

      You got a point there. I think Haden is looking at the current situation as sort of a “garbage time”. In other words, he’d very much prefer to have a joker like Kiffin in there until the sanctions clear up completely, and THEN bring his own hire into the program. But the toughest part of it all is that we’d have to put up with this terribly incapable coach for at least another year, and it’s totally sickening.

      • juliochurches


    • Golden Trojan

      Ohio St didn’t wait to get a top notch coach! What is Haden waiting for?

      • realtrojan

        You know the REAL story of the Trojan Horse, don’t you? Maybe the answer lies in that, if you know what I mean…

      • juliochurches

        It just won’t happen. If Kiffin loses the Sun Bowl game, Haden still won’t fire him (it would be a miracle if he did). Haden wants to keep Kiffin during the sanctions, then he’ll bring in a whole new set of coaches. I really don’t think Haden wants to bring in a new HC and his new staff into the mix with the debacle of sanctions. Until then, not much doing as far as the program goes.

  • three times ? He gets at least that many just on KO returns. Kiffin is just a natural born liar

  • jetman624

    Randy Moss and TO would have loooooved Kiffin to be calling their plays…

    In their respective heydays, of course.