Joke Of The Day

USC’s seniors coached their teammates during Wednesday’s practice, which prompted an onlooker to say, “that’s a coaching upgrade.”

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  • steveg

    did they all wear really cool visors?

  • Which one had the Denny’s menu in front of his face ?

  • tacotuesday

    Funny joke until you see the salaries.

    • maze949

      Seriously, those seniors really took a pay cut once the sanctions hit.

      • tacotuesday

        Seniors as in Monte?

  • dtksr1

    did anyone throw a pass to Robert Woods?

  • TrojanFan

    Another on onlooker went on record to say, “Best practice I’ve seen all year”

    Wait!.. how can that be, Barks and Lee were also both absent, after further investigating the comment came from the wolfman

    • juliochurches

      Womp, womp, woOOMMPP. Stick to your day job of trolling.

  • KO must be drinking again. He’s out all over the floor vs New Mexico. Mexie, can you get a DUI while coaching? Or flipping burgers at McDonalds?

  • Just heard KO yelling for the team captain. BTW, who is Morgan? He keeps yelling Captain Morgan.

    • Jeeze, now he’s hollaring at some kid named Tom Collins. Who’s that?

      • KO bringing in Sam Adams. What a team.

        • juliochurches

          Wow. You struck out on each and every “joke.” What a loser.

          • Sorry mexie

          • tacotuesday

            0/10 not even close

  • bobby

    It’s a case of the blind leading the blind.

    The position coach hires by LK have been dubious at best.

    North Dakota State? Florida Atlantic? Montana State? How the hell is he finding these coaches!? This is USC.

    The linebackers dissapered after arguably being the best unit on the team, and considered among the best in the country.

    Robey was in contention for all American honors, he dropped off. The oline played piss poor.

    You can’t blame the scheme or the coordinators for the most part for these deficiencies. They are the same from past years.

    So in short, the coaching is subpar not only at the top, but some at the bottom too.

  • juliochurches

    Sophomoronic joke of the day.