Kiffin Asks Woods To Stay

USC wide receiver Robert Woods said Wednesday that USC coach Lane Kiffin asked him to return for his senior season during a meeting to his discuss his future.

“Yes, he did (ask me to come back),” Woods said. “I told him I wasn’t sure yet.”

Woods picked up paperwork to send to the NFL for a draft evaluation but is waiting for a copy of his transcripts before he sends it to the league.

“I still have to fill everything out,” Woods said. “The meeting (with Kiffin) went well.”

Woods previously said he would seriously consider turning pro if he knew he would be selected in the first round of the NFL draft.


  • Joe Blow

    He’s GONE.

  • Independent_George

    Should go if he is in the first or second round because USC will be a five or six loss team, which isn’t going to help his draft stock.

    • Ben Doverz

      not 1st, maybe 2nd, depends on his ankle. He could slid to 3rd round, you just never know.

      • gotroy22

        I won’t blame him for leaving early. Hanging around blocking for Marquis isn’t going to raise his stock.

    • TrojanFan

      Predicting five to six losses….very interesting

    • tacotuesday

      we’re probably going to have new offense and defense coordinators next year, may be a bit early to predict records.

  • Ben Doverz

    Lanie ” Robert, please stay and be a decoy for Marquis, we’re going to try and get him the Heisman next year and you’ll be vital in that attempt. You’ll get some balls thrown your way, and your draft stock will rise just be a good Trojan and come back ”

    Woods ” F^& YOU A$%^&* !! “

    • Golden Trojan

      Ben were you a fly on Kiff’s wall?

      • SoCal_Native_59

        More like a fly on a PoS

  • dtksr1

    Why should robert go thru what he did this season… be ignored on the field. Kiffin is trying to set things up that make him look good and not necessarily about the best interests of Robert Woods. Kiffin is a snake.

  • Joe

    I’m thinking his stock really fell this year and I’m guessing he’s late 2nd maybe 3rd round. As such, I’m guessing he’s staying.

  • PangeaSeed WestCoast

    Listening and trusting a coach who is job is on the hot seat. .hmm. Staying around another year to compete with Marquis Lee who will be
    seeking to keep his stock high and the emerging Nelson Agholor is
    stupid. Just think Barkley and go get paid.

  • tacotuesday

    To be honest, i think he will have a better year next year – teams will lean on Lee, and hopefully someone will call plays that notice woods in single coverage. Also, i have a sneaking feeling his ankle wasn’t actually 100%. But if anyone, he’s earned the right to leave if he wants.

    • gotroy22

      Teams leaned on Lee this year and Kiffin insisted on throwing to him and ignoring Woods.

      • tacotuesday

        so heres to hoping we get someone in the booth calling plays.

        • gotroy22

          I can’t see Lane staying if he’s stripped of play calling duties. That’s his thing.

          • tacotuesday

            I agree. But I also think that’s part of the problem.

  • bobby

    His ankle is f#cked up. And playing a full season on it did not exactly aid his recovery.

    He needs to make a decision based on the health of his ankle. If he can recover via rest, therapy, or surgery in time for the combines be should leave no doubt. If cannot heal in time for the combine, maybe even the 2013 NFL season, he should stay.

    Think he should stay regardless? Just ask McDonna or Barkley how that worked out for them. He’s a great kid, and I hope he makes the obvious choice.

  • juliochurches

    R. WOODS: If you are reading this, thank you for your services but, please, lawd, PLEASE look for the nearest door and RUN! Don’t let L. Kiffin bamboozle you and drag you down with the rest of the team.
    Best of luck in the NFL.

    • tacotuesday

      lol. “If you are reading this”

    • TrojanFan

      “bamboozle”…..wasn’t that made famous by a cartoon, at least that’s what my daughter said….and the beat goes on!

    • MonkeySpank

      I can appreciate your use of humor with your comment, Julio, but I agree with you that Woods should take off and never look back. It’s really not worth it for him.

  • MonkeySpank

    Did Kiff get down on all fours when he asked him?

    • grave soul

      Whoa there. That’s a pretty low blow. (Pun– unintended).

      • MonkeySpank

        This is the last fucking time I’m telling y’all …whoever broke into my email get out! I hate sports fuck off I’m reporting it to gmail.