Morning Buzz

USC returns to practice today after about a 10-day break. Things have been fairly quiet on the search for a defensive coordinator. We hear no interviews have been conducted yet but candidates previously mentioned here are being considered.

And there has been little chatter this week about hiring an offensive coordinator to assist Lane Kiffin. All this talk highlights the ridiculousness of bestowing those titles to current staff members who do not have those responsibilities.

Ed Orgeron will not become the new defensive coordinator while Kennedy Polamalu would have to relinquish his title if a new coordinator is added to the staff.

Meanwhile, the latest Heisman Trophy projection has Marqise Lee earning 5.7 percent of the ballot points. Link here

And USC did not officially issue Tony Burnett’s apology to El Paso. He did it on twitter and his account disappeared. Link here

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  • Spedjones

    Sounds like its all under control in Troganville.

  • FightOnForever21

    Tony tweets are a non story . Get a grip.

  • bobby

    Ask Lane about the OC positionScott, at the next practice.

  • dtksr1

    This coaching title bestowed from Lane kiffin does not make sense. Kennedy Polamalo is the D-coordinator but dad called the defensive alignments and paid the big bucks? Who is the QB position coach? Lane? Who is the Offensive coordinator? Lane? Who calls the plays? Lane? Who should take the blame for the offensive problems with so much talent? Lane? Who is the head coach allowing this mess? Lane?
    Seems the head coach doesn’t really know the protocol of a successful program yet based on the above. Is there any program elsewhere that has this setup and results? And Pat Haden is 150% behind this? If you are looking at a program with no history of success in football with little appropriations to improve it, then yeah I could see something like this happening “there”. But at USC? I sure hope the press gets after both these people and ask some hard questions of just what they are thinking!

  • socal2582

    There hasn’t been o coordinator chatter because norv turner hasn’t been fired by the chargers yet.ask lane about the turner rumors at the next practice

  • miguelito

    pre-season #1 ????


    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      Congrats on your rare TOP 20 ranking! Terrific!!

      • tacotuesday

        Congrats on your coach’s 2nd all-time winning season!

        Also, for fun, you should look at his record his second year for the falcons. lol.

  • miguelito

    USC football is dead….VIVA LOS BRUINS!!!!!

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      You’re right, miguelita. USC football certainly was dead this season. 7-5 records are wasted seasons at USC.
      9-4 this season and UCLA was an unexpected success. That’s the difference.

      But, unlike UCLA, USC doesn’t stay dead for long. See: All-americans, Heismans, National titles, conference titles, first round draft picks, position honors, etc.

      Your bruins were certainly terrific in the Rose Bowl this past November. 2 chances to play there again in January on New Years and ya couldn’t do it? YEAH….. VIVA LOS BRUINS lmfao

      I know it’s Mora’s first season, and things look to continue improving for the football team in westwood… but don’t you think you should win a BIG GAME before popping off? LOL idiot

      • miguelito

        do you remember the 80’s and 90’s?
        get used to looking up at UCLA for a while, your coach blows.

        • tacotuesday

          Don’t remember the 80’s wasn’t alive then. Was dial-up fun? Tell me grandpa!

  • bazinga

    His Twitter account is not shut down. Maybe he blocked you.