Draft Stock

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper currently has Matt Barkley as the 24th pick in the first round.

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  • Mel Kiper is CLUELESS, as usual.

    • calkidd32

      but his hair…oh god, his hair

  • calkidd32

    barkley will go in the top 15. Just like in fantasy football, there seems to be a rush on QB’s once the first one is selected. I’m thinking he’ll get picked behind Geno Smith but I can’t see another QB being picked ahead of him. And there are just too many teams with mediocre QB’s. With the salary cap rules benefiting teams, it’s safer to pick a QB in the first round and not be handcuffed to them because of huge signing bonuses

  • This is code for the Barkley family has not hired Kiper to pump up his draft stock.

  • BAH! i see him dropping to late SECOND ROUND….and you know how often i’m wrong, huh Dummies???


    my guess is Boo Boo sits out bowl game……too much of a potential disaster for him…another typical Honey Boo Boo choke job and he could tumble down the Board even farther!!

    • tacotuesday

      Of course Bucket makes a Toddler and Tiara’s reference. That’s not creepy at all dude.

  • gotroy22

    Coming back cost Matt about $40 million.

    • Stackfire

      Number 1 pick Luck 2011 contract was 4 years @ $22M, including $14.5M signing bonus.

      Tannehil, picked 8th, got $12M for 4 years, not all guaranteed.

      I doubt MB will last into the 2nd round. Mid to late first round. There has been a lot of first year success for QB’s drafted last year and many NFL teams need a QB upgrade.

    • TrojanFan

      How did you come up with that number…lol!

      • gotroy22

        Based on if Matt had gone in the top five and what Matt Leinart got from the Cardinals.

        • TrojanFan

          Dude, your opinion is flawed to the point of being laughable, you have no idea now things work in the NFL

          StackFire spelled some of it out for you

          • gotroy22

            Are you saying Matt was smart to come back for his senior year?

          • TrojanFan

            I’m talking about the dollar amount, plus how do you lose it if you never made it…….a QB can be drafted in any round and become a starter

            what you are saying is Barkley went from a starter to a clipboard holder, but yet he has never played a down in the NFL………flawed opinion

          • gotroy22

            No what I am saying is that if he left early he would have been paid to get hit this year. He would have been a top five pick and probably starting now. Instead he came back for unfinished business and took unnecessary risks and crapped out. Now he’s injured and the scouts have soured. Does that mean ll is lost? No but it’s a cautionary tale to players and a reminder to fans that sometimes it’s best when a player leaves early.

          • gotroy22

            No I’m saying Matt lost a year of income by coming back and he may lose a lot by dropping from a top five pick to lower ist round or even second round. I appreciate all he has done but I am saying I won’t blame any player for leaving early after seeing what has happened to Matt.

  • Golden Trojan

    If that were true and the draft was held today, it could be Pete Carroll’s pick.