Story Of The Day

Here’s Daily News columnist Jill Painter’s story on USC quarterback Cody Kessler’s bond with a 12-year-old terminally ill youth in Bakersfield. Link here

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  • These are the types of stories that are worth reading. We all get caught up (including myself) in this play was called wrong, or this coach or player did this wrong, etc. Hats off to Cody Kessler. Class act #6. And double hats off to Nathan Garcia. Fight On!

    • Ted

      Good for Kessler! but I’m confused doesn’t he wear #35. It should be “Class act #35”

  • Charles Bucket

    what a touching story about a poor kid whos has no future, and his bond with a cancer kid!

    Your slipping on me wolfman!!! this isnt news, this bum couldnt even get on the FIELD, even with BARFLYs arm broken!!!!


    hows rock bottom feel dummies??!?
    fit on torgan!

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, remember the ruin football player that crashed on his scooter and the comments you left me….sure you do!…..practice what you preach,

      PS…Still struggling with the lemons

      • ThaiMex

        Torganfan….forgot to ask the name of the Go-Go Bar your daughter works at in Vegas. Thought i might stop by and throw a couple of dollars her way (winky wink!).
        fit on!

        • TrojanFan

          You fuckin idiot, my daughter is 6 years old. What is it, you don’t have enough child porn stored on your computer

          You really do have mental issues….you’re one creepy mother fucker

    • steveg

      Only fuclan could take something good and make something bad from it. You guys from fucla need to come up with a little class. As this shows right now you have none, zip, nada, zero. You want to be respected? You reflect your program and school. Ain’t gonna happen with your stupid BS. Then again the Mods will eventually heave your ass off of here.