Answer Monday!

In this segment, a question about the Tampa 2 defense.

Q: gotroy22

Why do you think the Pac 12, which at the beginning of the season sent out a detailed list to season ticket holders of what denotes unsportsmanlike behavior by fans including obscene cheers or taunting,  had no problem with our band playing the taunting U-C-L-A Sucks/ Tusk song at the end of the game but banned our mascot from plunging his sword harmlessly into the Rose Bowl turf? Isn’t that like banning Colorado’s Ralphie the Buffalo from running on the field or the Sooner Schooner from going on the field to inspire the fans?

A: I would say the major difference is the drum major stabbing his sword is an official act of the USC band while the fans chant is something that cannot really be controlled and is not part of any official USC cheer.

Who knows maybe in two years UCLA will ask that Tusk be banned. I think if Ralphie did something that offended opposing team fans, then maybe it would be banned if he attended a road game.

 Q: Adam

Why is Tampa 2 such a failure at the college level?

A: I don’t think the Tampa 2 is necessarily a failure but it is inept against spread formations and it cannot be overused. For example, UCLA knew every third down that USC would be in a Cover 2 formation. And UCLA found the same gaps over and over. That was the problem. Other teams use Cover 2 all the time. But you can’t just line up in it every play and expect the offense to never adjust.

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  • betomas

    If Ralphie took a turd in the middle of any field, he would be banned pronto in today’s college atmosphere.

    UCLA getting its way by not allowing the drum major to stab the logo at midfield made Pat Haden look like a chump while simultaneously garnering credibility for their school’s athletic department.

  • dtksr1

    On the Tampa 2 answer, read into it Monte “couldn’t” make adjustments at halftime like his son “wouldn’t” on the offensive side”!