• Will Haden be up to the task of possibly firing not one ( Kiffin ), not two ( O’Neill ) but three ( Cruz ) coaches next year ?

    • Kiffin isn’t getting fired while the sanctions are still going on. He has two years to get his crap together.

      • TrojanFan

        Bucket, you stupid idiot….sniffed out AGAIN

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    What’s taking Kiffin so long in hiring a new DC, is that he can’t find someone who wants to work for him and will/was he forced to get an OC or has that ship sailed and thus he will continue to hide his face behind his Cheesecake Factory menu sized play card every week for another season?

  • Troy

    What do you think of Wittek? After the ND game, he looks more promising then Barkley. What do you think? Any updates on SC’s approach with the McNair case? Updates on Vanderdoes?

  • Ben Factor

    If it is your understanding that USC football has become an undesirable place to work under Kiffin because of unusual bureaucratic extra duties or lack of internal coaching dialogue about what/how to coach, prepare, adjust in-game, etc., what specifically have you learned about the environment there?


    Looking at next year’s schedule what games and record does Kiffin have to win to save his job. I say if he wins seven games he’s fired . Your take please.

  • Any chance after the Judge’s comments regarding the bias against USC that we decide to sue the NCAA??

    • SCFTBL1

      Dream on. Not with Mike Rae’s caddy there.

  • Ren Lopez

    Can you recap the recruiting saga of Manti Teo? How close was he to actually being a Trojan and who would you blame for not being able to close the deal?

  • Scott, since you are so F’ing smart about football, why don’t you quit working as a douche bag for a third rate rag and become USC’s new head coach? You seem to have all the answers, both x & o s as well as recruiting. And your people skills are almost good as Pete’s.

  • BearBryant3

    Any interest from usc trying to hire pat narduzzi for the defensive coordinator position.

  • trojaned66

    What is Isiah Wiley’s current status? Isiah was a good corner last year and was missed this year due to grades.Is he still on the team and does Lane have him penciled in next year ?

  • Dan Mater

    Scott, does USC now lead for Max Redfield? Thanks!

  • SoCal_Native_59

    If Tee Martin takes the UT job leaving USC after 1 season and tries to get Jalen Ramsey to switch his committment to UT will USC students riot and burn matresses on campus? Will he need police protection for he and his family? Will LADWP name a sewage treatment plant after Coach Martin? You don’t have to answer Scott. We all know none of those things will happen. Most Trojans fans will thank him for his contribution in the year he was here a wish him the best.

  • betomas

    Scott, are at least some of the condescending and mean insults that blog readers write about you on this post starting to get to you, or do you hold firme to your policy of not reading blog comments? Any favorite commenters?

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket has a special connection with the wolfman
      He talks as if the guy walks on water

  • Out of the decommits, which will be missed and which were the ones the coaches don’t mind loosing.

  • Gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, my inquiry is how many wins does USC need to win in order for Coach Kiffin to get off the hot seat? Considering that this was the season that he was suppose to lead USC back to a BCS game and instead they are going to a bowl that no one will be watching.
    As a side note, assuming that the NCAA settles with Coach McNair prior to the release of the court documents, does USC make a move or do they sit back and do nothing? I can’t believe Haden is not making any moves considering that the NCAA totally botched up the Bush investigation/review. I’ll be honest it would be great not only for USC but for the entire college athletics landscape if USC challenged the NCAA so we can get a better understanding of their due process procedure. I can’t believe that UNC got a slap in the wrist for academic fraud and players receiving benefits with the knowledge from the coaching staff and administration while USC was thrown the book for a single player taking money without USC’s knowldge.

    • TrojanFan

      The number of wins is irrelevant, just make it to a BCS bowl game, it worked for Pete….

      It’s my guess, USC already has the wheels in motion

  • gotroy22

    I keep hearing that next year’s team will be better than this year’s team. How many starters do we lose this year and what are the chances on the possible juniors leaving early for the NFL draft like Roberts Woods and Silas Redd?

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Scott, seriously, if Kiffin went to Tim Davis (O-line coach) & Carl Smith (OC) and asked them to come back and help get USC back to the top of college football again, in your opinion, would either or both consider it?

    • Gilligan

      That is a great recommendation. I would also throw in Joe Barry for LB coach (unless he’s hire as the DC) because the LBs took a major step backwards.

  • Spedjones

    Scott – lots of Trojan fans seem to be treating this year as an anomoly. What’s your thought on the program over the next 3-4 years? More of the same? Better? Worse?

  • TrojanFan

    Bucket is now posting under the user name m00t…..what the fuck is wrong with this guy….CREEPY!!!!!!!

  • wolfman, another remarkable thing about Southern Cal’s collapse is the fact that for the first time i can recall, a beat writer (you) actually impacted the outcome of a season!!

    now, i am not blaming you for the fact the Pious Passer was vastly over-rated (i have laid this plain fact out for the past 2 yrs) but your impact on Kiff this year palpable!!!

    Kiff seams to be a remarkably sensitive and emotional person, a momma’s boy if you will. when his attempt to pick on you blew up in his face, i don’t think he ever recovered!! him and Pious Passer had the same defeated look on their mugs from the Stanford game to the UCLA beat-down.

    from the AP vote, to the number change fiasco, to the wolf practice ban, to his deflated balls, you were on top of every scoooop like a fat guy on a twinkie!!! i really believe your expert reportage threw him off his game!!!

    my question is: will you ever write a book about the Hacket-Carroll-Kiffin years??? you must have plenty of sweet scoops of material in your notebook….and you would be an actual character in the book! i can gaurantee advance sales of at least 50 copies to the Cadre alone!! oh say yes, puh-leeeeeeeeze?????

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    I’ve followed USC football since the early 60’s. When you saw John McKay, you saw a guy in charge. When you saw Robo, same hing. Tollner looked over matched & lost, Smith looked like he was in charge but he didn’t get USC at all. Hackett looked like he should have been teaching a class in metaphysics at USC, not coaching football. PC was well, PC. Kiffin looks like a smarmy cruise director, that’s his personality but he looks like he’s lost and his teams show it. Can he muster some inner who knows what to motivate this team or has he lost them with no hope of regaining it? It kinds reminds me of the last year of Larry Smith, you could see that he had lost the team.

    And how did Arsenal lose to Bradford City ?