• calexrose

    simple hire texans offensive line as oc , they run similar zone run scheme and the texans are the best at it.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Never did think James Cregg was up to creating a top O-line and after 2-years I now know it. Lane Kiffin needs to go see and get on his knees and ask Tim Davis to come back and coach the O-line and pay him whatever he wants. That is what Lane Kiffin needs to do! He then needs to find Carl Smith and hire him as the OC and pay him whatever money he wants. If that means Lane has to give back some of his salary to help pay for these coaches, so be it. Kiffin has yet to really earn what he is being paid!


    I don’t really understand our Zone run scheme, however, I do see a lack of traps, counters, sweeps, pulls, screen and draw set ups.