Answer Tuesday!

Time to answer some reader questions.
Q: tommytrojan2004
     Where would you rank Barkley in terms of mobility of the QBs you have seen at USC? Was JD Booty the least mobile?
    A: I’d probably rank Barkley above Booty in mobility. What surprised me is Barkley looked less mobile this season than last season. I’m not sure why because he never said he was hurt. Among the past 20 years or so, Rob Johnson was pretty immobile and someone mentioned Brad Otton.
Q: Dan Mater

Scott, does USC now lead for Max Redfield?  Thanks!

A: I heard he had an excellent visit last weekend with Su’a Cravens and Co. From what I hear, USC believes it is now 50-50 with Notre Dame, which is an upgrade because back in October USC believed it had little chance of getting Redfield to recommit.

Will Pat Haden be up to the task of possibly firing not one ( Kiffin ), not two ( O’Neill ) but three ( Cruz ) coaches next year ?
A: That is quite an order and probably a nightmare scenario in Haden’s view. I think Kevin O’Neill is on the hot seat this year. Kiffin will definitely be on the hot seat next year. And who really knows if anyone cares that much about baseball.
But next year is going to be intense because everyone will be talking about Kiffin’s future on a weekly basis depending on whether USC wins or loses. I think one thing safe to say is that Haden does not enjoy firing coaches, so if he can keep someone, he will.
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  • dtksr1

    Oh sure…Haden would rather see 50% of the coliseum full rather than dumping Kiffin…

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Kiffin sucked in 2010. Great in 2011. Sucked in 2012….can’t wait until next year.

  • betomas

    Haden will keep Kiffin, fire O’Neill and keep Cruz.

    I’ve seen plenty of Max Redfield’s highlights. He looks better as a S than a WR and has good closing speed, but I’m not sold on him.

  • betomas

    …and I still don’t get how Barkley regressed so much this season. How do you go backwards without any apparent injuries (till Barr rocked his world)? I think his stock has dropped big time.

    If you guys saw the clip of TMZ asking Barkley about it, he had NO answers.

    • I really don’t think he was hungry. The o-line was immature early in the season. It’s also demotivating if your defense is getting pummeled in the big games. Always pressure to force things to make them happen.

  • Just how bad does the BB team have to get before Haden fires this guy?

    • gotroy22

      Worse than 1-17 in league play?