Answer Tuesday! (Part 2)

In this segment, a question about the coaching staff.

Q: Ben Factor

If it is your understanding that USC football has become an undesirable place to work under Kiffin because of unusual bureaucratic extra duties or lack of internal coaching dialogue about what/how to coach, prepare, adjust in-game, etc., what specifically have you learned about the environment there?

A: First, it is difficult for Lane Kiffin to hire an offensive coordinator because they do not get to call plays. Under Monte Kiffin, it has been difficult to find defensive assistants because he wanted “yes” men and did not like being challenged by Joe Barry. With Monte Kiffin’s departure, it will be easier to hire a new DC but I suspect they will want their own linebacker and secondary coaches.

Now to the other part of your question. I heard this about Tee Martin and other coaches who departed. They became frustrated doing things over and over again that they felt were unnecessary and kept them at the McKay Center till 11:30 p.m. when they might need to return at 5 a.m. for morning practice. That is why coaches often sleep in their offices. This is part of a “grind it out” philosophy Kiffin employs and probably learned from his father. Some coaches believe in being efficient. Others believe in repetition, like Jeff Tedford.

There might be nothing wrong with it, but when you practice in the mornings, you risk burning out the staff. If USC did not pay more than every other college and was no so high-profile, we probably would see more departures than we do.

The other issue cropping up is do assistant coaches want to come and work for Kiffin if he might get fired next season. That limits options too.

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  • Ben Factor

    Scott, thank you very much for answering in such a thorough way.

  • SoCal_Native_59

    You just pull crap out of your arse and throw it up on the wall hoping something sticks. You don’t have ANY ‘inside” information and you exist day to day grinding the axe because Lane kicked your butt out of practice.

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Then leave the blog

      • gotroy22

        He’d rather take a whipper on it like his cute little Calvin logo.

      • TrojanFan

        It works both ways

      • SoCal_Native_59

        Scooter just makes shit up. UT offered Coach Martin more money, Check some of the UT blogs, and Knoxville press. Wolf bag reads other reporters work and paraphrases it on his PoS blog then makes shit up quoting “sources”.O and F-U

    • TrojanFan


    • Spedjones

      With respect, Wolfie was all over Lane well before he was booted. And really, you don’t think that was a highlight for Scott rather than a low-light? Please – he was headline news for days to follow. Lane, on the other hand, looked like a little weenie. Which is appropriate I guess, since Trogan fans seem to like little weenies.

      • TrojanFan

        Speed wrote: “With respect”

        You truly are a fuckin idiot….lol

        • SoCal_Native_59

          No, like most bRuin trolls he handles several weenies, most belong to other bRuin trolls.

          • TrojanFan

            Sounds like a member of the cadre, bucket’s tree house club

          • Like bRuinBoob’s.

      • USC Native

        Your must be the weenie expert,now that you have finished on your stomach,give us a break and go to some other page.

    • How true!

    • QueenKiff

      Shut the crap up 59.

      • SoCal_Native_59

        Queenie, FU2

  • Spedjones

    Well done, Scott. I always love your professional input. It’s curious to me that Trogan fans get so upset with you. Maybe they have small weenies?

    • TrojanFan

      Hey penis breath, sounds like you’re easy to please, now i know why bucket keeps you around

      It’s curious to me that you troll this site and have a massive hardon for anything USC

      • Right on TF. Scott is an Ahole that always picks away at SC. He’s a douche bag that works for a 3rd rate paper and has no life. His goal is to get people fired because he never made it….just like a ton of bRuin trolls. His best mouth piece, BM, is gone, so he has to get his info from the janitor. Too bad. F Scott.

        • TrojanFan

          Thank you!

    • Charles Bucket

      Is it non-sequitur day already? I think we get upset with Wolf because Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.

      • TrojanFan

        Hey ThaiMaxi pad, did that really come out of your computer

    • steveg

      That has to be the reason, no doubt. Jeez, what an idiot. We get upset with his vendetta.

  • betomas

    Awesome answer. Thanks for being thorough, Scott.

  • If Haden was wise he would hire Jack Del Rio and he would have his future head coach with a year under his belt.

    • TrojanFan

      If you were wise, you wouldn’t post such a stupid comment

      • Don’t be a little boy. This site is for grownups

        • TrojanFan

          Interesting, because only a little boy would come up with the name Del Rio….that guy is sooooo far off the radar it isn’t funny