Martin Stays

USC assistant coach Tee Martin declined Tennessee’s job offer and will remain with the Trojans. Sources said Tennessee could not match Martin’s salary at USC or the high-profile that came with coaching players like Marqise Lee and Robert Woods.

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  • calkidd32

    well that’s good. he already has a rapport with the wide receivers and from my understanding he was speaking with some recruits.
    I’m surprised he stayed but it’s nice to have some sort of stability with the coaching staff. It’ll be interesting to see if this effects Robert Woods’ decision at all.

  • Trojan Anteater

    Fight on, Tee!

  • CheattheSystem

    Maybe Lane isn’t such a tool to work for after all…

    • gotroy22

      Or he’s waiting to see what the other offers from other universities and the NFL are now that he got his name bandied about on ESPN.

  • SC BIg Kahuna

    Maybe Tee can teach Lee to run his routes properly and then he’ll be come a Heisman winner

  • Gilligan

    That is a big plus for USC. Coach Martin is a solid WR coach and a great recruiter. I think this will be critical come NSD.

  • dtksr1

    If Tee just didn’t have to deal with Kiffin, it would be icing on the cake.

    • TrojanFan

      You have no idea what their relationship is like….because wolfman threw a bone out there you ran with it…lol

  • Golden Trojan

    So all this from yesterdays post,

    “But if he does leave it could also be attributed to some issues he
    had at USC. According to sources, Martin grew weary of the repetitive
    nature of some duties that USC coaches are required to do during the
    season. Some former coaches have also complained about this in the past,
    feeling it is inefficient.

    And last week, Martin wanted to attend the college football awards
    show in Orlando, Fla., to support wide receiver Marqise Lee when he won
    the Biletnikoff Award. But USC coach Lane Kiffin did not want him to
    miss Friday’s practice, according to sources.”

    Is just a bunch of crap!

    • TrojanFan

      Wolfman = Tool….Half the shit he posts is fabricated and the other half is repeated comments fueling his vendetta against Kiffin
      No one around USC likes to talk to his guy, much less give him any info. Why do you think he’s the last one to report any breaking news

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Just wondering…does this mean there may be a Tee Martin Sewage Center in Knoxville soon?

  • Ben Factor

    Tee Martin is very likeable in interviews, with that relaxed Southern ease about him. It apparently comes through with recruits as well. Scott indicated that LK is a tool to work for, and hopefully Coach Martin won some reasonable concessions for staying at USC.

    He seems as though he would be a good collaborator with LK on offense. Someone is needed for that, that is for sure.

    I hope Coach Martin is proactive in clearing up some of the repeated miscommunications between QB and WR that occurred in 2012.

    Coach Martin must be looking forward to what is probably Marqise Lee’s last season at USC. With Agholor, Blackwell, Flournoy, Farmer, Rodgers, Mitchell, and others in his position group, he won’t want for opportunities to raise very talented players to their full potentital. I kind of assume that Robert Woods will turn pro, but that may turn out to be another carrot for Coach Martin. Coach won’t lack for national attention, that’s for sure. He’ll get the offer he want soon enough, and it won’t be a lateral move.

    • TrojanFan

      Everyone around here is just speculating on their relationship, I’m sure if it was strained he would have left….The wolfman needs to choose his words better….The point is moot, let’s move on