Defensive Coordinator Dream Team

Maybe Lane Kiffin should hire DeWayne Walker and Joe Barry to coach the defense. Kiffin gets the best of both worlds with Walker handling the X’s and O’s and spread formation and Barry can rekindle his close relationship with the players. Both are excellent recruiters.
Who would question USC’s defensive acumen with those two? Certainly fewer people than question the offense.
Both could be hired if Kiffin really wanted them.

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  • ZombieDropper

    One can only hope this happens.

  • Ben Doverz

    It’ll never happen as it makes sense and Kiffin , as we know, never makes sense.

  • Phillip Montgomery

    LOL. Dream team according to who? Walker can’t stop the spread and USC doesn’t need a recruiter. They need a great coach. Mark Banker will be hired Gargamel. Keep writing about Soccer Captain Rogaine.

    • m00t

      Not many guys can stop the spread, but on that note, Chizik would be great if we can get him.

  • dtksr1

    If you have to have a big physical dominating defensive line that regularaly penetrates the line of scimmage, and… hire a DB coach who knows zone defenses inside & out, then you can hire Bozo the clown as your DC!