Time for a little smack talk. Sun Bowl v. Holiday Bowl. Will UCLA steal any recruits from USC?

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  • thanks for the Glardiator-style match up wolfman!!!

    the Bruins own Football, Baskeball and Baseball in LA!!!

    thanks everyone, good night! drive safely!!!


    you Nabobs shouldda NEVER come back!!

    (oh wait, they never did come back, strike that last comment)

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket feels proud walking the streets of LA wearing the baby blue sweater, with the same old crusty white stains on the front(courtesy of bruinrod) and the words “I’m a tool” written on the back…..But the patch on the eye, a hitch in his getty-up and jockstraps draped around the neck, are all signs of a true degenerate

      I feel so alive!

      O for 2 and counting!

  • steveg

    As always, ass bucket screws up again. One season does not make a dynasty.

    But then fuclans can’t count. Bucket, now would be a good time to come on over to the big school, get you away from that crime riddled Westwood area. Keep your head down over there.

    • sorry Steverino, i forgot about the Southern Cal “BCS Champeenship-less Dynasty”!!!

      the greatest dynasty to never win the prize, since the Buffalo Bills!!

      only the trOXan blew a possible SEVEN shots a the big prize!!!!

      if you wish, i’ll post my Bucket-list of Southern Cal champeeenship flops!!!

      c’mon foo!! i gotta lotta mo!!! a lotta mo!!!!

      • OMG! its been an hour, where’s the rolly poly jr high kid with all the homosexual jibber-jabber???? c’mon kid, if you wanna be the next NOBS you gotta have game!!!

        • TrojanFan

          Hey penis breath, hear is the kicker, USC is relevant and talked about at the national level, the only time there is talk about the ruin football team is when a player fell off his trike…..6 and 0 in BSC games…..shit! when was the last time the ruins even won a conference title…..face it dude, your football program has been barely treading water for the last decade, over that same period USC has been one of the top programs in the nation. So quit with the butt sniffing and koolaid drinking, and get back to reality, UCLA has a lot of catching up to do

      • Speaking of BCS Championship-less school, remind me how that first bcs season ended. Something like UCLA being ranked 1-2 for the whole year before agreeing to go play a makeup game in Miami? Almost like UCLA doesn’t even like going to championship games…

        • TrojanFan

          Bucket, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately, nothing but a pathetic degenerate

          • So you’re basically telling me that any new poster in this forum, no matter the content or name, is just another Bucket un. I wouldn’t put it past him, but it does make you seem paranoid.

          • TrojanFan

            Never been afraid of a piece of shit, flush it and it’s gone

  • Spedjones

    Holiday Bowl, and yes. 38-28!

    • Good luck with stealing those recruits – I hear Mora’s pushing pretty hard for Massington!

      • TrojanFan

        Bucket, were you a fly on a piece of sit in mora’s backyard, and over heard a secret conversation regarding Massington…lol

        • Just a sidebar: In case you don’t remember, Massington was the guy who sped and thaimex and bucket were dissing earlier and calling a typical usc guy. I think it’s great that they want him now.

    • TrojanFan

      But what’s going with 0 for 2?

  • Bob Edward

    After an outstanding win over USC and a #17 BCS ranking, UCLA nation had a bad couple of weeks. Number one unsafest campus and surrounding neighborhood, medical center graded F for safety, Cal Poly, San Diego St., another BB transfer, water polo, shaving points in the first game of a double-header loss to Stanford, et al. None of this is on the football players. They did a great job, especially #23 and #11. Congrats on South Division title.

    • TrojanFan

      ….And this is the school buckets creams his shorts over…

  • Golden Trojan

    Bruin fans, a word of caution. If you come to the Holiday Bowl, View level at Qualcom stadium sucks as bad as the upper levels at Coli or Rose. Pay up for Plaza level, you’ll be glad you did. Could a Georgia Tech beat down on SC get Kiffin fired? I can only hope.

  • lifetime Bruin Fan

    I would say at least one, maybe more.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    According to the bronze WALL OF CHAMPIONS plaque on the front of the Rose Bowl, USC does in fact still own that stadium.
    Congrats on your 2nd win in 14 years, though!!!
    Bucket, why don’t cha talk BCS champeeenships when you actually win one? OR even go to one? or even win a Rose Bowl? or something? How did you lose to Stanford twice in 6 days? ouch.

    Enjoy the holiday bowl! You better believe I’ll be making fun of ecstacic bRUIN fans thrilled about beating a lousy Baylor squad. If you don’t score AT LEAST fifty points… fail.
    Troll on, no-life trolls!

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl