Mike Riley To Interview With Wisconsin?

That’s what CBSSports.com is reporting. Link here.

This raises two questions: If Riley would interview there, wouldn’t he talk to USC if contacted? And would this impact defensive coordinator Mark Banker’s opinion of staying with Riley if USC called him?

I’ve heard Banker does not really have a strong interest in USC at the moment.

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  • sweeeet scoopin’, wolfman!!

    and trust me, the irony of your post was not missed by the Cadre!!

    if you Dummies ask me nicely, i’ll explain it to you. But you have to ask me nicely.

    • Cool story bro.

      • TrojanFan

        Bucket, talking to yourself again…..you need some help

    • TrojanFan

      irony?….you stupid idiot!

  • Banker says he doesn’t have strong interest in USC.
    Kiffin says he won’t look for a new DC until after the bowl.
    Wolf says he has inside sources.

    One of these is a lie.

    • listen Moo! or whatever your name is,.you can spout any kind of your jibber jabber you want and we don’t care. but if you even SUGGEST the wolfman is a liar, ,then you answer to the CADRE….

      • hurr durr im callin inturnetz puhlice

        >you must be new here

        • TrojanFan

          Hey bucket, m00t, your left hand is talking back…lol

      • TrojanFan

        Fear the queers from the tree house!

    • TrojanFan

      Would you trust the janitor?

    • Phillip Montgomery

      Gargamel is so out of touch that it is scary. Banker doesn’t have strong interest in USC right now= he is the frontrunner for the job. Just because your man crush on the overrated DeWayne I can’tstop a spread offense to save my life Walker is not being considered.

      • Needs someone now that BM is gone

      • Walker shut out Oregon in ’07 – and he did it with UCLA players…that doesn’t count?

    • socal2582

      I agree banker doesn’t want to come Scott does have inside sources the song girls and kiffin is hiding behind his ihop menu play chart he has one picked out otherwise defensive recruits would be decommitting it probably will be john Barry or gene chizik who has kept his name quiet and out of the other vacancies what better way to get another head coaching gig down the line than to turn around a premier schools defense that was horrid this year its almost like being a head coach when u are a coordinator at USC

      • I’d love Chizik, but i doubt someone who won a NC two years ago would be happy to work under Kiffin.

        • socal2582

          I agree but we could only hope and if the price is right maybe he could suck up turn the d around and be the savior of troy

  • socal2582

    Its funny because mean Gene chiziks name has been under the radar even for a coordinator job could he be headed to socal maybe so only the wolf knows