Is This A Big Name?

When Leon McQuay Jr. said he was told by coaches USC would hire a big name, one possible candidate mentioned to me was former Auburn coach Gene Chizik.

But would Chizik really want to be a defensive coordinator just two years after winning a national title? And wouldn’t he want to go to the NFL instead?

And would Chizik want to work with someone who was universally disliked when both were in the SEC? I’ve heard the two were not especially close when Lane Kiffin was at Tennessee.

So that is why I consider Chizik a long shot at best?

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  • Phillip Montgomery

    A big name is Pat Narduzzi or Bob Shoop. Elite College defensive coordinators.

  • Wolf just wants Kiff fired. Wish he’d man up and admit it.

    • dtksr1

      I wouldn’t lose any sleep over Kiffin being fired… this man’s ego is bigger than the colisium playing field and it is slowly killing the program.

    • Are you the janitor at the McKay center ?

      • TrojanFan

        Bend overz is a fuckin tool…lol!

        Bucket said you’ve been making visits to the tree house….ouch!!!

      • TrojanFan

        Hey bend overs!….I heard the wolfman is looking for a new left nut to help out with the daily grind. This might help you and the wifey get out of the tent….don’t shoot the messenger

  • socal2582

    The past is the past scott we all know he is one hell of a coordinator look at his track record as one he did ok as head coach but sunk auburn to their worst season ever what better way to rebound than to turn USC’S d around he shut Oregon down in the NCG with a good game plan he can recruit and could use the USC coordinator job to resurge his coaching career down the line and bring back a physical killer instinct to the defense

  • Kiffin can’t get a “big name” no one any good will work for him, plus he’s said that he wants to run his daddy’s D aka the Tampon 2 so whoever he hires will just be Monte lite. Get ready for a 7-6 season.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bend overs, were you a fly on a piece of shit in Kiffin’s backyard and over heard this secret info?

      If you’re predicting 7-6, I hope you’re not a gambling man….just saying

    • Kiffin says a lot a things…

  • Ben Factor

    I don’t think that Scott has been unmanly regarding Kiffin. Scott writes what he sees and doesn’t like. I don’t think he needs to lead the “Fire Kiffin” movement to prove his manhood.

    I read that Chizik got a huge buyout, so I doubt he would accept a job of this kind. Why?

    Stupid as usual, Kiffin promises a big name. Why not promise that money won’t stop USC from getting the best person whom Kiffin believes can best defend the range of college offenses, and can how to teach his players in a way that they know what to do by rote, and can let their athleticism take over? Big name, medium name, small name…just get someone who can do THIS job, with college kids. Monte Kiffin was nothing if not a big name.

  • steveg

    Can’t we afford Bronco?

    • TrojanFan

      You mean the one OJ used…LOL!

      • betomas

        womp-womp-woomp-wooomp-WOOOOOMMMMMPPP!!! Try again, fail…try again. (Everyone thinks they are a comedian these days).

  • betomas

    Mean Gene Chizik, FTW!!! Coach ‘im up, Kiffin!

  • Spedjones

    If Lame doesn’t hire a top-notch DC soon, you can bet Vanderdoes is a Bruin.

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      Maybe you should follow him on Twitter. Has been ALL SC for a long time now.

    • TrojanFan

      Spedjones just pulls shit out of his ass….we all laugh at his comments