Morning Buzz

The basketball team’s slide continued Thursday night with a 62-54 loss to UC Irvine. In the doghouse watch, J.T. Terrell played 15 minutes but Ari Stewart did not play.

Meanwhile, USC is now 23rd in the latest Directors’ Cup standings, which just factored women’s volleyball into the rankings. Stanford is No. 3 while UCLA is No. 5. Oregon is No. 10. Full list here

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  • Joe Blow

    KO sucks

    • Ben Doverz

      Another fine Garrett hire !

      • Joe Blow

        Sure it wasn’t Gross? Oh, that’s right. MG only get credit for the dog crap hires….like Yovan, Smith, Ron, etc. Moron.

        • Ben Doverz

          Floyd, Krueter, Hackett, Bibby,, MORON

          • Joe Blow

            Zambri, Salo, Smith, Ferguson, Haley, ……MORON

  • QueenKiff

    KO needs to lose those faux-hipster glasses.

  • Charles Bucket

    thanks for the gumball, wolfman!!!

    as usual UCLA and Stanford will finish in Top 5!!!

    after all, UCLA leads the NATION is Nattys!!!!

    i makes me feel SO ALIVE!! i feel like dancing!!!

    we are the Chapeeeeens!!! we are the Champreeeeens!!!!

    no time for losers cause we are the Champeeeeens!!!!


    • Joe Blow

      Only when countling GirlyBall. HAWR-HAWR!!!

  • Golden Trojan

    What’s KO’s salary? Is SC spending so much on football salaries that they can’t get a decent basketball coach?

    • gotroy22

      KO should be paying SC for the privilege of driving our program into oblivion.

      • Ben Doverz

        It wasn’t already ?

  • JJ4SC

    Can SC please re-hire Tim Floyd asap.

    • Joe Blow

      So we can get more sanctions? No thanks.

  • Joe Blow

    23rd? Gee in 08-09, 4th. 09-10, 13th. Guess Mike Garrett wasn’t so bad afterall. Of course, who cares? GirlyBallers I guess

  • ThaiMex

    LIMBO U…..where there’s always room to go a little lower!
    fit on torgan