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In this segment, what does Lane Kiffin need to do to save his job?

Q: Gilligan
Mr. Wolf, my inquiry is how many wins does USC need to win in order for Coach Kiffin to get off the hot seat? Considering that this was the season that he was suppose to lead USC back to a BCS game and instead they are going to a bowl that no one will be watching.
As a side note, assuming that the NCAA settles with Coach McNair prior to the release of the court documents, does USC make a move or do they sit back and do nothing? I can’t believe Haden is not making any moves considering that the NCAA totally botched up the Bush investigation/review. I’ll be honest it would be great not only for USC but for the entire college athletics landscape if USC challenged the NCAA so we can get a better understanding of their due process procedure. I can’t believe that UNC got a slap in the wrist for academic fraud and players receiving benefits with the knowledge from the coaching staff and administration while USC was thrown the book for a single player taking money without USC’s knowldge.

A: I believe Lane Kiffin will need to win nine games next year to get off the hot seat. I know there is a lot of anticipation about the Todd McNair case and USC’s response. But right now I don’t see Pat Haden doing anything. I don’t think he wants to do anything other than complete USC’s sanctions and move forward.

Maybe the attitude will change once the McNair documents are unsealed but I think that would need to be initiated by the NCAA. Right now, I don’t see anything happening.


In this segment, what it will take for Lane Kiffin to save his job next season.


Looking at next year’s schedule what games and record does Kiffin have to win to save his job. I say if he wins seven games he’s fired . Your take please.

A: I think he could get fired with eight wins. I said above nine wins but if he goes 9-3 and USC gets blown out in a bowl game, he could get fired too. There just has to be a good feeling to the season. That means beating UCLA, competing against Notre Dame in South Bend and winning a bowl game.

Can Kiffin do it? I don’t know. Mainly because I get a sense the players are losing faith in him.

  • Ben Doverz

    If he’s lost the players he’s done, just like Larry Smith

  • Ted

    Lack of a good OL and RB will make it difficult to win games. Although I think Max Wittek is an upgrade in talent compare to Matt Barkley,he is unproven. Perhaps new coming freshman Max Browne is so talented that he might lead SC to an undefeated season….For my money SC maybe wins 8 and Kiffin gets fired…all in all not a bad deal

  • Joe Blow

    The most important thing for Kiff to keep his job, is to be open and provide Wolf with an “All Access Pass” to Lane’s program.

  • Trojanpete

    Judge Shaller ordered a stay on the release of these documents, which could last up to a year. Our school’s administration, along with Haden, is hoping the McNair case goes away and it won’t. How bad would our administrators look once McNair prevails against the NCAA? Our school, with infinite resources, decided to screw ourselves over by rolling over for the NCAA. They could do damage control once the documents are released and put some pressure on the NCAA. My guess is that if the school does something, Haden will be upset because the non-USC community will be angry that we aren’t taking it up the arse from the NCAA any longer. So, to preserve his likability among the general public, Haden will quit. I can only hope.

    • dtksr1

      I felt the hire of Pat Haden as AD was all wrong and I still don’t. What training did he have to qualify for this position? Did Haden spend time as an assistant like MG to learn the responsibilities? What have we got… he doesn’t like firing coaches. Get him the hell out of the AD office then. For someone who got all the benefits when he was a student athlete, he is not showing much gratitude for “his” opportunity.

  • steveg

    I can see one sports writer has lost faith in him, totally obvious. As far as Haden is concerned, IMHO I think he is much smarter than most people, and is able to get people to think he doesn’t care for confrontation. Let’s see how it plays out, if Haden screws the NCAA back or wimps out.

    • dtksr1

      Haden is a teflon individual. He just likes to stand around and smile at people & the TV cameras. He doesn’t like firing coaches and he never says anything of substance when talking to the press. He is vanilla, just going along for the ride. If he is walking softly but carries a big stick, I bet his stick is being chums with the greek in the president’s office. He was never trained for this position and really isn’t qualified as an AD. If you have noticed, the overall sports program is in a downward spin…

    • Bob Edward

      I can see one sports writer who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. How can you go 9-3 with a thirteen game schedule?

  • calexrose

    open things up more input from the assistants.

  • EncinitasBruin

    Win at least 8 regular season games, and at least split vs UCLA and ND.

  • Ruby Jones

    I certainly felt the defense were playing like lost souls late in the season and you could see they lost faith in the coaching. Couple that with hideous play calling on offense and it becomes apparent that this team under Kiffen is playing far below the talent level. Fortunately for Kiffen he has Haden as AD. Haden dreams/rationalizes a “patient” philosophy as some form of accepting bad results/coaching.

  • Ben Factor

    I would like to think that Haden is keeping an eye on whether Kiffin has lost the faith of the players. Haden’s management style appears very “loose rein”. I hope that he is at least “walking around inside” and taking the pulse of the assistant coaches and players. If not, he’s not doing his job.