No Room To Improve Staff?

When I asked Lane Kiffin earlier this week if he might hire an offensive coordinator, he said his staff is full and there would be no changes. But would it be such an awful idea to make room?

Maybe Jeff Tedford was never going to happen but what if someone else was interested? Would it be wrong to go after the next Gus Malzahn and replace an assistant?

It would if you are the head coach and still want to call plays.

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  • How about you, Wolfman?

  • Gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, couldn’t we say the same thing about this blog? Maybe get an inspiring HS or college aspiring journalist to assist with this blog by providing real insight instead of off the wall comments not backed up by any type of journalistic evidence.
    I used to enjoyed your blog but this year was probably the worse stuff to come out of this site. I hate to say it but I understand why previous fans always mock you for citing, “CJ Spiller committed to USC”.

  • Phillip Montgomery

    Doesn’t matter. 2 spots are about to open up. Kennedy Pola interviewed for the now vaccant USD head coaching vaccancy. He will be offered and accept. Harbaugh, David Shaw and the current San Jose St. Coach coached at USD. Pola will hire Clay Helton as his OC. Eric Bienemy will replace Pola as RB coach and either Shannon Dawson or Philip Montgomery will be hired as OC/QB coach.

  • steveg

    ^^ So that about wraps that up, we all know for sure what the future holds.

  • dtksr1

    Scott, haven’t you learned by now, Kiffin will not give anyone a straight answer?

  • calexrose

    i think you should allow the staff members wheather its pola or helton come up with new ideas . There is no reason cant use some no- huddle or hurry up plays to add more play per game thing like that. just simple things like if its 3rd and short

  • calexrose